Amish Beard – Everything You Need to Know

If you are wondering what are Amish beards they are just a type of beard hairstyle that Amish men consider growing on their faces.

This beard style is no mustache and only just a beard that Amish people grow and you can identify them from a long distance too because this style of beard has a unique touch.

If you want to know more about Amish beard this article is for you it will even help you grow one so stay tuned and scroll down. 

As we go further I would like to tell you something about Amish beards and Amish men who grow these types of beards.

Amish do not exchange rings when they are marrying they just simply start to grow their beard until the day the marriage breaks or they die.

The reason behind that why Amish men do not grow a mustache is that the Amish people are pacifists they have no relation to the military so to show that they shave their mustaches and show that they do not have to do a thing with the military. 

The Evolution of Amish Beard

The Amish beard is so old that the start of this style came in the 16th century.

The Amish men always have a deep connection and a belief in humanity and they want to take this belief in the future as well.

Amish men are so into humanity that if someone wants to hurt humanity or disturb their faith in humanity they will detest that man or that group forever.

The world is going towards the death of humanity and war so they started this facial hair growing for this reason also to show the world that we are not the same people that all others are. 

Who Can Sport the Amish Beard?

According to people and some websites and applications, a person who shaves their mustache becomes a member of the Amish beard men.

You can also recognize an Amish man by the egg-shaped head as this example is the best of them all if you can pull the stunt of this egg shape head you can easily grow an Amish beard. 

If you wanna grow one you do not have to be a believer in all the things an Amish man believes you just have to grow your beard long and long and you should cut the mustache to get this intense look and beard style.

Hence this hairstyle is not ideal in a strict working environment.

A Step by Step Guide to Grow Amish Beard 

amish beard

To grow an Amish beard is not so difficult you just have to leave your beard until it is long and stuffed with a lot of hair.

We have listed a few steps that you can follow to grow your Amish facial hairstyle.

  1. You have to wash your facial hair daily with warm water to make sure that any debris is not left inside your beard or stuck under the bundle of the beard so clean it with warm water because it will clean the beard completely and will take out all the dirt that is inside your beard.
  2. Oil your beard after a shower to give your beard a softer feel and it also helps your beard grow faster you can go for Lab Series Grooming Oil as it works perfectly in making your bread hair thicker, stronger, and softer. Make sure to tub gently on every side of your facial hair and make sure that it reaches the roots of the hair.
  3. You will have to shave your mustache every day so your look of Amish beard stays cool because any hair under the nose can kill the look of your Amish beard and you will no longer be called an Amish man
  4. Last but not least purchase a great quality hair comb that will help you comb your beard every day and make sure that your beard is getting clean and tidy.

Importance of Trimming Amish Beard!

Importance of amish beard

This style of beard is so easy to grow but you should maintain the beard if you will look like a dirty old hag that is ruining everyone’s life, it’s just I would like to say that maintaining this beard is harder than growing. 

If you wanna have a great Amish beard that has all the hair in the same length you should have to trim the lower hair with a pair of professional scissors like Badass Barber Quality Beard Shaping Scissors each day so the new hair that grows comes in the same length.

Once you mastered the trimming process it will be easy to trim the outlined hair like you are brushing your teeth.

You do not have to become serious in trimming you just have to do little minor touch-ups that will keep your beard in shape so you could become cool.

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