How to Grow a Beard Like Pewdiepie? (Complete Guide)

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, professionally known as Pewdiepie, is a Swedish Youtuber, comedian, and philanthropist.

He became the most subscribed youtube channel in 2013; he was surpassed by an Indian record label T-Series. He is now a second-most subscribed youtube channel.

His early youtube career began as a Let’s Play video. Felix registered his youtube channel in 2006 under the name Pewdie.

He explained the “pew” represents the lasers sound and “die” refers to death.

But after forgetting the password to his account, he again registered a channel under the name “PewDiePie” on the Youtube channel on 29 April 2010.

At the start, he had a rough time; he didn’t get his family’s support, so as a result, he is starting selling prints of his Photoshop art and works at a hotdog stand.

He used to comment on video games, mostly horror and action video games.

He also began to post a vlog under the title “Fridays with Pewdiepie.” By December of 2011, he got 60,000 subscribers.

On 9 May 2012, he reached 500,000 subscribers, but right after two months, in July of the same year, he reached ONE million subscribers and a Whopping TWO million subscribers in September. 

Later on, he started a partnership with MCN that helps to increase the growth of the channel.

Before his partnership with MCN, he was signed to Machinima, which was the rival of Maker.

But soon, Felix felt neglected and was frustrated with their treatment that he hired a lawyer to free his contract with the network.

Pewdiepie Beard Style:

Pewdiepie Beard Style

Over the years, Pewdiepie has grown his facials, which suits him.

Slightly Tapered Full Beard:

John Krasinski has a full-grown beard style that makes him look sexy.

The tapered beard is the type of beard style where the side check beard from the ears has slightly less and thin hair on both sides.

The becomes thicker and bushy when it comes down from the check to the jawline.

So the beard in the jawline area has more, and the bushy beard has compared to the side beard.

Tapered beard also comes in different styles.

Styles like true tapering, fade and taper, full taper beard, taper lumberjack, and even taper hairstyle mean both the beard and the hair are tapered.

This style makes a man look rough, but at the same time, it also looks hot.

To maintain a healthy beard, you need to follow these steps;

1-Take Care Of Your Skin:

You need to take good care of your skin. Healthy skin is the foundation of a healthy and thick beard.

So for that, you need a good skincare kit try to invest in Bulldog Mens Skincare Kit it comes with great quality face wash, face scrub, and moisturizer to keep the skin of all men healthy and nourished. 

This means cleaning your face regularly, it will remove all the dead skin cells that are preventing hair from not growing, and it opens your pores.


This might look odd, but exercising helps you to grow a beard thicker. You can use different exercises to grow a thicker beard.

But the main are cardio workouts, brisk walking, running, cycling, and even dancing.

These will not only help you to grow your beard thicker but also faster.

Exercising also increases blood circulation, which provides nutrients to the hair that it needs.

3-Managing Stress:

When it comes to Stress increases the cortisol in your body.

Stress can make your blood vessel narrow, making it difficult to circulate across your body.

Which eventually affects the growth of your hair that it will not gain enough nutrients from your blood.

The best thing to overcome your Stress is to meditate as it lets all the stress drain down through your body.

You feel the change in your hair growth once you eliminate all the Stress.

4-Applying Beard Oil:

Every man who takes beard grows serious; oil there beard from day one. Beard oil moisturizes not only your beard but also the skin underneath it.

They add a great shine to your beard and make it smooth also. Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil is one of the best beard oils available it smoothes the beard by providing the hair with needed moisture.

5-Shampooing Your Beard:

You know, shampooing your hair on the head makes it smooth and good.

So like that, the beard also requires shampooing. 

There are tons of shampoos available for the beard but Bulldog Mens Beard Shampoo and Conditioner always remains at the top of the list.  

Ok after applying conditioner through your beard, leave it for a couple of minutes.

Slide your hand through the beard; it will help you in determining the time to wash.

Tools Needed To Maintain The Scruff:

Maintain The Scruff

Some items worth buying when it comes to maintaining a then precious beard are a transparent beard liner, a wooden beard comb, and natural beard shampoo.

Some beard liner or shaper offers a three-in-one template for beard, sideburns, and neck.

You need to spend some time looking at this feature to make it provides what you are looking for.

The next big thing that you should have is the beard comb. Trying a metal or wood comb as they are the best.

Either way, it is fine; just make sure the teeth of the comb have the right gap in between them so that they can go through all the hairs of the beard without being too separated.

Another thing you can do with your beard to make it smooth and healthy is by applying beard oil.

This will not only smooth your skin but also moisturizes your skin as that was it grows.

Eating healthy food will provide a great amount of protein to the beard, which will help it grow thicker and better.

Doing some exercise increases the flow of blood circulation, which is good for growing beards.

An exercise that you must do that helps to grow your beard faster is cardio, running, and even dancing.

You can do other exercises as well as long you make a habit of it.

Managing Stress is a keyframe when it comes to your beard. To reduce or overcome your Stress, do meditation.

This will lower your Stress.


The moral of the story is to apply beard oil regularly and also exercise to a full and healthy beard.

The reason we are suggesting beard oil is not only it softens your beard but the skin underneath it because that is the growth point of the beard.

If you have dry skin, then beard growth won’t be so good

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