7 Instagram Beard Models You Must Follow In 2022

If you are on Instagram, then you should follow these Instagram beard models as well.

We are sure that by following them, you will get a lot of beard inspiration at the same time.

Furthermore, for those men who are planning to keep a beard, taking great tips and the best guidance from these Instagram accounts will help them on extended noted.

Moreover, Instagram is a great place where you can follow and get in touch with international beard titleholders and famous rockstars and athletes.

Even more, this world of Instagram is jam-packed with lots of other exciting platforms.

First, let us all collectively check out the top 7 Instagram beard models, which all of you must follow in 2019.

We have managed to compile and gather a list of the top and best seven bearded men who have their accounts on Instagram.

Thus, the best part of their performances is that they deliver every quality and version of a substantial beard.

Most certainly, you can check out their feeds as well by following their accounts keenly and strictly.

1- Lance Wooton- Instagram account: @lan_woo

Lance Wooton

Firstly, we have Lance Wooten! We are quite sure most of you must have already been the followers of his Instagram account.

He utmost believes that the best looking beard is the long beard always! Besides, he has this glorious looking beard style.

It is quite hard and tough even to come closer and copy the follicle fullness of Lance Wooton beard.

Most importantly, his lengthy locks have managed to give him the fourth place world title.

Moreover, he managed to acquire second place in the beard show in the United States.

If you are going to scroll through his Instagram feed, you will probably get a lot of inspiration to make your beard game more exciting.

Beyond, you will get a chance to check out some of the most relaxed outdoor photos as uploaded by Lance Wooten.

The Tip gave by Lance Wooten as to how to grow a long beard.

Most noteworthy, there is this excellent Tip, which is offered by Lance Wooten to all of his Instagram followers regarding the fact as to how to grow a long beard!

The only key is to keep your beard up properly. Also, he believes that one should invest in some high-quality pair of scissors—no matter you have maintained and wanted to keep a long beard.

Still, it would help if you gave it regular trims. Lance Wooten has also recommended keeping a beard kit, beard cleaning products, and beard conditioning products with you.

Lastly, he has advised his Instagram followers to keep a beard to maintain the healthy strands on their beards.

And make sure to avoid getting unhealthy strands at any cost.

2- Devin King- Instagram account: @devinhasabeard


Devin King, one of the topmost Instagram beard models, has maintained a bold looking beard style.

You may have seen him most of the time rocking out on stage. Or Devin is mostly spotted in the studio as he is a guitarist by profession as well.

Besides, he is attached and associated with the metalcore band named The Color Morale.

No doubt, his life is filled with rockstar elements. It is his bold beard, which has made his Instagram account so much famous.

Most certainly, his followers love the way he carries his bushy beard red style. 

Devin King gave a great suggestion as to how to carry a bushy beard red style.

According to Devin King, there is a simple way to embrace and carry this bushy beard look.

He always stated that your attitude counts a lot if you want to pull off this bushy beard version on you.

Hence, there is no harm in carrying and accepting this new trend.

Devin King told his followers that if they plan to keep a bold beard, they need to pair up this look with some fun, fashionable elements.

3- Marcus Sjofjord- Instagram account: @sjofjord


Do you know that this Swedish model Marcus Sjofjord is one of those top Instagram beard models who carry the most stylish looking beard!

He believes that a beard can only look classic enough if it is correctly styled from all sides and angles.

Furthermore, if you want to get excellent beard styling tips, start following his Instagram account.

Besides, you may have also observed that his facial hair is always well-groomed and well-manicured.

They are molded perfectly according to his face shape and size.

By joining and following his account, you will get the best inspiration and tips in terms of hair colors and classic artistic tattoos.

What Marcus Sjofjord has to say about his well-styled beard?

However, Marcus Sjofjord has mentioned an easy way regarding maintaining the beard most stylishly.

He has often said his beard is maintaining routine as well. He only makes use of a waxy product so that his facial hair can remain intact and hold in place for a long time.

4- Tristan Chamberlin- Instagram account: @trchamberlin


This Instagram beard model has opted for a soft-looking beard style.

Tristan Chamberlin is a true believer in beach bum beard. If you have followed his Instagram account, you should have noticed that he has maintained a moisturized beard look.

Moreover, he has got curly sandy locks. However, he holds this fact on extended notes that anyone can carry this beard look with ease during the dry summer air times.

Looking at his Instagram picture, it is relatively straightforward and evident that he loves maintaining and keeping a soft texture beard.

Tip from Tristan Chamberlin concerning adding moisture to your beard

Most probably, Tristan Chamberlin is captioned most of the time on his Instagram account that anyone can add up the required amount of moisture in his beard. Just pick out the right ingredients as well as the right conditioner. Even more, he believes in this proposition that one should not use those kinds of drugstore products that have harsh chemicals in them. Such products will fail to bring that softening effect on your beard.

5- Victorio- Instagram account: @victorios_secret


Next, we have another popular Instagram beard model for you, and he is Victorio.

Besides, he is one of the immensely famous United States models. The kind of beard which is opted for by this model is a full beard style.

His Instagram account is always flooded with pictures and feeds like riding through the desert, motorcycling.

Moreover, doing skateboarding and being on a vintage truck. Also, his followers love the fact the way he flaunts his manly beard.

Hence, many people follow his Instagram account because of his beard length, fullness, and tailored shape.

We are maintaining a full beard- Tip given by Victorio.

Victorio has highly recommended that his followers make use of such products, which can make your beard healthy and softer looking.

Most importantly, he has often mentioned a special diet menu, which he opts to keep and maintain his beard fuller.

His diet menu is probably packed with lime, red meat, cheese, eggs, and lots of carrots.

6- KC Mitchell- Instagram account: @that1legmonster

KC Mitchell

Besides, we have another Instagram beard model for you, and his account name is quite a special and tempting one!

It is a leg monster. Though this veteran KC Mitchell did lose his leg. But this reason did not ever stop him from flaunting his beard look.

Most certainly, you can count him as a total and thoroughly buff bearded badass.

If you are a keen follower of his Instagram account, you may also know these former soldiers’ facts that he faced depression and anxiety.

Moreover, apart from giving beard styling tips, he also offers excellent advice for developing and building muscles and working out in the gym.

How KC Mitchell manage to grow such a beard?

Most certainly, he has penned down this statement most of the time that the best beard look only comes from the fact that you will live a healthy lifestyle.

He holds this truth that a good fitness regime will give you excellent beard results too.

Consequently, if you are into a constant physical growth regime, then you will experience stable and the best beard growth at the same time.

7- Steve Benson- Instagram account: @the_mad_butcher

Steve Benson

Lastly, we have Steve Benson Instagram account details for you, which is also marked as one of the top Instagram beard models.

His belief is to always keep a beard along with a mustache. Such a style statement and combination will give an extra push and signature statement to your beard.

Moreover, Steve Benson has always paid equal attention while taking care of his beard and mustache at one single time.

Steve Benson’s golden rule of thumb while maintaining a beard with a mustache.

However, this golden rule of thumb is most of the time captioned on Steve Benson Instagram feed.

This golden rule is about maintaining a beard with a mustache. He believes the mustache styling job is done if you will use a high-quality wax.

The styling wax gives enough and immense strength to anyone mustache to mold it in the best manner.

Moreover, for styling a beard, Steve Benson mostly opted for products that comprise water-based formula in them.


To summarize, do let us know which beard Instagram model you are following these days!

And what kind of beard styling tips you usually get from them!

Most probably, after reading all the details, you may get eager to follow these best and top 7 Instagram beard models right away.

Lastly, give us your feedback about which of the Instagram beard model tips and feed you find more productive and easy to follow.

Sooner, more of the beard model account details will be shared with you, which are present on Instagram. So stay in touch with us.

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