10 Best Beard Shaping Tools Review in 2022 – (Updated List)

A long time ago people use to shave their beard or trim their as they usually do but after some time when the beard starts to grow again, it starts to lose its beauty touch and kind of look like a bundle of hair laying in a face.

As this happened all the time with men they shave and in the result, after a few days, there is no clear shape in men’s beard.

So after that many men started shaving trimming their beards in saloons so they can get a nice stylish beard cut but many men can not afford it or do not trust the barber to make it right so they trim or shave their beard on their own.  

But not for long from few years some tools have been invented to help you shape your beard as you want to and these tools are called beard shaping tools. Beard shaping tools are made of plastic.

They have a unique shape like at one end there is a comb and at the next end, there is a shape that can easily help you shape your beard as you like it.

These items are nowadays are rocking the world of men those who have a beard and want to style their beard on their own.

So we have arranged an article for a similar purpose to give you awareness about these beard shaping tools and for that, we have arranged a list of the best beard shaping tools that are in 2022.

Grab a seat and start scrolling down to know which type and style of beard shaping tools are in the world.

Types and Shapes of Beard Shaping Tools

 If we go towards the shapes and types of beard shaping tools there are three types of beard shaping tools and all of them are effective in their way so let’s discuss them deeply.


Wooden beard shaping tool is often stylish looking but when an electric razor or a trimmer burns the border of your wooden shaping tool all style goes into dust.

They are good in quality and will give your beard style but can be difficult for long-lasting situations as they can easily get burnt.

The best shaping tools are transparent shaping tools because you can see through the shaping tool and can adjust it easily as your beard needs to adjust.


Metal shaping tool is highly durable type in all these beard shaping tool types. As the metal can be long-lasting and can give you the beard style that you want.

The best thing in the morning will be the cold metal shaping tool in your hand that will touch your cheek to wake your senses from a deep sleep but metal can be difficult as they are not transparent. 


Plastic can be the best choice in beard shaping tool types. As this type is lightweight and many of the plastics are transparent so you will have no difficulty in shaving or trimming your favourite beard style.

You can easily see through the plastic and can easily decide which type of style will be best for your face.

The material is durable and will not scratch or chip so easily. Furthermore, the next thing after you choose the type you will consider to think that how many edges, shapes and lines your tool offers.

Plastic shaping tools offer all kinds of shapes, lines and edges you want and have many kinds of comb options too that you will love to see or buy.

That makes plastic the most ideal type in beard shaping tool and on top of that, the price is cheaper than the other two types.

How to Shape a Beard with a Beard Shaper

If you are a newbie in using a beard shaping tool for shaving or styling your beard you should know some tips that will give you some help in making your beard more stylish and smart.

  1. The first thing you should have in mind is that you should start handling your body shaper tool in your hand because while you’re shaving if you are not good at handling the tool it can fall from your hand or can misdirect by your hand and you will not know.
  2. The second thing is that when you are starting to shave keep a tight hold on your shaping tool so you can make the right cut. 
  3. In the end, just remove the hair that is outside the edges and lines so you can have a symmetry line on the border of your beard which means you have obtained the line perfection of shaving or styling your beard.

This diagram will help you more in understanding these tips.

The Benefits of Using a Beard Shaping Tool

The benefits of beard shaping tools are not many. There is just one that these little Z-shape-like tools are for trimming your beard and give it a style that you love to have with a well-groomed and in a symmetrical line they make your beard shine.

 The beard shaping tools can give you a jaw-dropping result and make a groom look at your beard. If you are a newbie you should find this kind of beard styling super exciting as well as this is the easiest way to make a stylish beard with your own hands.

1.BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool

BeardClass beard shaping tool is super thin as it is transparent as well. The material of this shaping tool is plastic and the transparent makes the shaving easier and amazing that any newbie can have fun to explore what this shaping tool can do more.

The company is at the top of the market these days as the product comes at number one on our list as well. The design of this beard shaping tool is made of highly durable plastic and has shock resistance as well.

The product is best for men that have thinner hair because the edges of this product are 1 mm thick. On top of that, the shaping tool has a single long comb that makes the gap to each side.


  • 4 suitable angles
  • Large size
  • Comes with 3 accessories.

2.The Beard Black Beard Shaping & Styling Tool 

The Black Beard shaping tool is for those men who are looking for a straightforward clean shave. The price of this product is affordable plus the material that is used to make this shaping tool is black plastic but this plastic is not as durable as it looks and this is the downside of this remarkable product.

Despite being plastic the beard shaping tool is not transparent so it can make your beard shaving difficult if you are not a professional. 


  • Suitable angles are 5
  • No accessories attach
  • Comb number is 2
  • Size is medium.

3.PILPOC Beard Shaping Tool

PILPOC beard shaping tool comes with seven different angles to make your beard style more stylish. Some easy angles are also there so if you are facing any troubles adjusting the lines and the angles these 2-3 easy angles will help make some symmetrical lines.

The product is lightweight and easy to hold plus the material quality is highly durable as the material is plastic. Furthermore, the shaping tool comes with only a single narrow comb that is on the one edge.


  • 7 suitable angles 
  • Material is plastic
  • Large size
  • No accessories
  • One comb

4.Grow Alpha Beard Shaping Tool Guide

Grow Alpha beard shaping tool is different from many other shaping tools as it is based on an oriented angle that is a Y shape shaping tool with a primary cutting angle positioned at the top of the shaping tool.

The tool is easy to handle as a long neck is given to handle the shaping tool. On top of that, the tool is quite large even for typical large hands.


  • 6 suitable angles
  • Material plastic
  • Large size.

5.Manecode Beard Shaping Tool

Manecode beard shaping tool comes with a toolkit that will ease all your problems and will give the best accessories that you need for any kind of beard thickness. This kit from Manecode is providing you all the things that a man dream of buying with a beard shaping tool as they are offering you a classy wooden comb, trimming scissors and a hygiene travel bag that is also a waterproof bag. 


  • 3 accessories
  • Large size
  • 5 suitable angles
  • 1 comb number.

6.Aberlite Beard Shaper Kit w/Barber Pencil

Aberlite beard shaper kit is for those men that are serious about shaping their beard and making it stylish every day. The tool is transparent that will help easily recognize what the direction of the beard is plus the shaping tool has a grip that will not let the tool fall while you are shaving.

The tool offers you eight different trimming lines so you have plenty of options for styling your beard.


  • 8 suitable angles
  • Plastic material
  • Large size
  • 1 accessory.

7.Megan beard shaping tool

Megan’s beard shaping tool is one of those tools that are ready to give your beard a stylish look whenever you want them to. The product is made up of durable plastic that has a colour of silk black. There are plenty of angles for you so you do not have to worry because you can make many stylish beard styles with it.


  • 6 suitable angles
  • Plastic material
  • 3 accessories
  • Large size
  • One comb

8.The Cut Buddy As Seen On Shark Tank – Beard Shaping Tool

The cut buddy beard shaping tool is said to be the original shaping tool as they look like that even on shark tanks. The product is much smaller than every other shaping tool on this list.

The plastic of this shaping tool is highly durable. The product has 6 different suitable angles that will easily determine your cutting skills. There are no accessories with this original piece.


  • 6 suitable angles
  • Small size
  • Plastic material

9.Monster & Son Beard Shaping Tool

Monster and Son beard shaping tool is an innovative brand that is used by adult beard makers that are professionals in shaping their beard. The beard shaping tool is about 6 inches long plus it can offer you all the cuts that you want to make on your face with your beard.

The shaping tool has 6 suitable angles and every angle is beautiful in its way plus the material of this product is a highly durable plastic that will not scratch or chip for a long long time. 


  • 6 suitable angle
  • Plastic material
  • Large size

10. Mikebe Beard Shaping & Styling Tool 

The Mikebe beard shaping tool is one of the best shaping tools you will ever use as the tool is made up of durable plastic and is transparent as well to make sure your beard gets shaved properly.

The features and properties are as same as the above beard shaping tools. The product has 6 suitable angles that will let you make 6 possible new styles that will be loved by you hence a newbie will become more excited to be working.


  • 6 suitable angles
  • Plastic material
  • Large size
  • No accessories

Buyer’s Guide (Best Beard shaping tools)

When it comes to beard shaping tools you should know some tips before buying one for yourself. As these things are a lot smaller and you would be thinking we just have to buy one what to look in it so you are wrong because a lot of things you should consider before buying any item including these shaping tools.

Suitable Tools

As for a beard shaping tool, there are many angles in it or you can say many styles from which you can easily style your beard as you like. But for more specific beard shaping tool every normal beard shaping tool they will always have these four angles that are the cheek, jaw, neck, and sideburns.

These areas are also known as the most difficult areas that men cannot reach without considering someone’s help. 

Many of the beard shaping tools also have extra angles that help you make many different styles of beards. You should also consider a tool that has extra angles so you can have different types of beards styles also.

The beard shaping tools that can handle a lot of angle styles will give you a lot of advantages as well and will help you shape your beard as you want it to be. 


The material can make a major impact on beard shaping tools as well. Many of these shaping tools are made up of plastic and can be bought at a cheap price and can be advantageous in a lot of beard styles or thick beards.

As some of the beard shaping tools are made of a sturdier material that lasts more than plastic but can be a little bit expensive like metal.

Metal beard shaping tool can be highly durable and also long-lasting when it comes to material period, they can easily work with the thick beard and can give you an upper hand to make your stylish beard as you need them to be.

A lot of metal shaper tools can be lightweight and can also be transparent so you can easily make your beard if you are feeling difficulty to shape it in a style. 

Transparent shaper tool is the best as they can easily make you see where your beard is going and also help you make your style even easier. After that, there is a wooden shaper tool that looks kind of stylish but they have a weakness that when an electric trimmer or razor touches them they can easily burn.

Make sure to check all the type of materials which is suitable for you before buying.


Size can be a big deal in this product. Small beard shaping tools can be used while traveling or if you want to carry in a bag while you are going on a business trip. They can be easy to as they are lightweight and can help you make your favorite style while you are on a trip.

The value of small shaper tools is a lot cheaper than the big ones. But the problem is that the small shaper tool has no extra angles that you can find in a large shaper tool.

Large shaper tool can be effective for those people that have a long beard or for those who love to make different styles with their beards as the shaper tool have many extra angles to entertain you. They are easy to use with most of the trimmers as well since the trimmer heads are coming in small size for your convenience.

Comb Number

Beard shaping tools can hold your beard while you are making a style. The holding procedure is done by the combs. The combs can give your beard a hold in a position so you can easily trim your beard without worrying about an insignificant hair loss.

They can be used for straightening your tangled beard hair as well as can give them a new direction from where they stand. Every shaping tool has one comb by default as many others also have a pair of combs, one on either side of the shaping or the wing. Shaping tool with one comb is cheap in price and small in size.

But some of the shaping tools comes with a pair of comb or there can be more than two combs as well and these type of shaping tools are considered more often. With more combs in a shaping tool the better options you have to style your beard.

If you are not much of a user of more than one comb so do not buy it because there is no benefit if buy a multiple comb shaping tool and do not use it instead of that stick with one that will be more beneficial for you in price as well as it will be easy to use.


Many times if you are going to buy something you get something with it as a free accessory or something like that. In beard shaping tools something like this happens very much.

Many of the beard shaping tools come in kits that will offer you not only a shaping tool but some accessories that will help you shape your beard along with the beard shaping tool these accessories include scissors, extra combs, and much other stuff that will help you in making your beard stylish.

As these accessories are not so beneficial in any way they just make the audience more attract to the product and as long as the customer comes the free accessories are good for business.


The beard shaping tool is highly beneficial as well as it is the easiest way to make a stylish beard by your own hands.

We hope this article has helped you learn about beard shaping tools plus we would like to suggest you if something you have to ask you can come to us by just commenting in our comment section and we will get back to you shortly.

We hope that you find your best beard shaping tool that you want to buy.

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