Best Beard Styles for Bald Men

The list of the best beard styles for bald men goes on and on.

To begin with, we have collected the most amazing beard styles exclusively for the bald men category.

No doubt, being bald has become the hottest trend. Furthermore, this exclusive trend has no chances to fade or most likely never disappear or die.

Moreover, statistics have proved that women get impressed by a bald man who also carries some catchy-looking beard style.

Even more, bald men look and appear to be more masculine.

So, let us have a look at the recommended beard styles which look up to the mark on bald men.

All these stylish-looking beard styles are specifically dedicated to bald men. Also, let us know which facial hairstyle you will choose if you belong to the same category too.

And use these beard styling and grooming products to accentuate your beard, bald head, and whole personality.

Benefits Of Being Bald:


You might be wondering which the main benefits of being bald are, below you can check that out:

Bald Men Have A Lower Risk Of Getting Prostate Cancer:

Most importantly, the relationship between being bald and a lower risk of getting cancer is stronger.

It is proved that if you start to lose your hair right at a young age, then the chance of acquiring prostate cancer will be reduced.

Bald Men Possess An Efficient Kind Of Metabolism System:

Bald men
A young bald man with a beard wearing a stylish jacket, closeup

in addition, bald men do possess an efficient and stronger kind of metabolism system.

It is due to baldness that their metabolic process gets a boost. Also, bald men manage to maintain and retain healthy weight numbers.

Bald Men are Seen And Counted As More Masculine:

Most noteworthy, such men are identified as more masculine.

They are considered stronger as well as more assertive.

They look even taller. And they are likely to be associated and linked with more manly kind of professions.

Saves Time And Money:

Saves time and money

Baldness saves a lot of your time and money at the same time. Being bald, you do not have to buy shampoos or conditioners.

You tend to save a lot of money on hair creams, gels, combs, and brushes.

Baldness Makes You Look Young:

Most probably, baldness makes you look young.

Bald men do not look aged at all. Such men do not have any fear to get gray or white hair.

They manage to look the same age for years and years.

How To Pick A Beard Style If You Are Bald:

How To Pick a Beard Style if You Are Bald

Besides, one should know how to pick a beard style if he is bald! Below is an explanation for you.

It is a fact that embracing baldness turns you 100% sexier. Furthermore, bald heads and beards go hand in hand.

You have to choose the right one beard style depending on your face shape and also your shaved head.

As an example, if you have a round face, then you can pick up any sort of long beard style.

 Such a beard look is going to elongate your face shape. If you have long or oval faces, then go for short beard looks.

For Oblong Face Shape:

If you have this face shape, then you can go on carrying mutton chops beard look. You can even carry an imperial beard look.

Moreover, you can style up your face by going for a boxed beard. These beard styles will give you a tough and rough look.

For Rectangular Face Shape:

Besides, for rectangle faces, you can either grow a full beard or get a chin curtain look.

To give an intellectual and cool look to your face, you can have an extended goatee as well.

For Round Face Shape:

Round face shape
Round face shape

If you have this face shape and also a bald head, then always style up a classic goatee. Or you can too have an extended goatee form.

Some bald men having a round face shape prefer going for full Goatee, half Goatee, or goatee with a mustache.

For Square face shape:

Beyond, square face shape bald men can have a Balbo beard in order to give a macho look to themselves.

They can give a charming, mature look to their personalities by embracing a Chinstrap Beard.

For Diamond Face Shape:

Lastly, bald men having a diamond face shape love sporting a full beard look in order to give a tough look to their overall personalities.

Such men look extremely handsome when they embrace and carry a Balbo beard.

Best Beard Styles For Bald Men- Complete List For You:

Best Beard Styles for Bald Men Complete List for You

Want To Know The Best Part to be counted and identified as a bald man? It is that you can carry and sport the extensive number of beard looks. Below is the explanation of a few of the beard styles which you can style up and accompany if you have a bald head:

The Chin Strap:

The chin strap beard look is an exclusive beard form for those who have a bald head.

If you are not interested in sporting or carrying hair on your cheeks, then carry this chin strap beard look.

It is just on your chin that your facial hair is going to be present. And no hair should be present on your jawline.

Furthermore, this beard look is the best option for men who are bald-headed. Remember to clean-shaven the rest of your face.

Moreover, this beard look helps you to make your face elongated. It also makes the wearer look extremely thinner.

Thus, if you have a round-shaped face or diamond-shaped face, then carry this look. No doubt bald head men look great in this look.

Even more, this is an immensely popular style that is easy to maintain. Bald men get a childlike and innocent look upon embracing this look.

Classic Goatee W/ Rounded Beard:

Classic Goatee

However, bald men love carrying this classic goatee look as well.

This specific beard goes well with all sorts of face shapes. No matter whatever kind of facial bone structure you have, being a bald man, you will look great on it.

This classic goatee beard look exudes and displays self-confidence.

Besides, it gives a sense of maturity to the person. It also oozes sex elements. For those bald men who have a triangular face, then this is a suitable beard style for them.

This beard look is too given the name of ‘The Door Knocker’ and also ‘The Van Dyke’ look. To give more variation to this look, you can keep a small goatee.

Just grow a soul patch and keep a small amount of facial hair on your chin.

Hence, such goatee looks are ideal for square and diamond faces.

The Wavy Beard:

The wavy beard look is heavily and extensively flaunted by bald men.

It is a long beard look and for those who get wavy hair on their beard sections, then this is a recommended beard look for them.

Bald-headed men love embracing this look always. The only heavy side of this beard look is that it demands a lot of maintenance and care.

There is no need to worry about the fact that you are getting bald. Or there is not a single strand of hair on your head.

Just keep this wavy beard look. Set it with some beard gels and beard balms. And flaunt your bald head like a boss.

The Full Beard:

How about carrying a full beard look if you are one of the bald men? For sure you can sport this look. In this full beard category, it is better to keep a mustache.

Either keep a curly or wavy beard. Or you can have a straight beard look. In addition, avoid growing such a beard in an extreme full-length form.

Just keep it up to a desirable length. Besides, trim it regularly. Shape it, set and wash it, condition and shampoo it regularly.

However, the plus point of keeping a bald head is that you can perfectly flaunt both short and long beard looks.

Hence, the bald head makes your job a lot easy while finalizing any beard look.

The Light Beard:

Light Beard

Moving to the light beard look, this is another recommendation that you can go for if you have a bald head.

It will look wonderful on your face. Most importantly, bald head men need to go for a short trimmed look if they are eager to sport a light beard look.

Such a beard look gives the appearance as if you styled a manicured stubble.

This light beard look is a little longer as well as more scruffy in terms of appearance.

Most noteworthy, you have to grow and maintain your beard all up to a moderate length. And then you can trim up to an appropriate length. Lastly, this beard style looks the best on most of the face shapes.

Full Goatees:

Besides, bald head men love carrying, maintaining, and sporting full goatee looks.

Here we have an interesting suggestion for all bald men is to go for a wide goatee look.

Most probably, you may find this wide goatee to look extremely catchy and hot.

Most certainly, this beard looks similar and the same in a way like we have a classic goatee.

Thus, if you have decided to sport and opt for this beard style, then you have to keep your sideburns short as well as trimmed. For buying a trimmer, check out the guide as to how to choose the right beard trimmer.

For those bald men who are in their 40s and above, such a beard shape suits them a lot


Besides, the stubble beard look is extensively and commonly opted by bald men as well.

The overall maintenance and styling job of this beard look is much easy. By pursuing this look,

you can somewhat give a bad boy mystique to your looks and overall appearance.

Moreover, this scruffy and well-trimmed beard has become a popular option among all bald headmen.

Also, we have a manicured stubble option for you if you do carry a bald head.

Such a beard look shows as if you are a carefree and friendly person.

Lastly, a manicured stubble look is achieved by running the trimmer over your beard on a regular basis.

Anchor Beard And Mutton Chops:

Anchor Beard and Mutton Chops

We have anchor beard and mutton chops options for you.

We assure you that bald men look absolutely great in these beard styles.

However, before you decide to carry an anchor beard, you have to keep in mind that it is slightly difficult to take care of and maintain.

It demands a steady hand in order to keep it in shape. And mutton chops comeback has really made lives easy for bald men.

This beard look brings a fuller look to your face.

It gives and displays a bad-boy vibe too which is a fun part as well!

So, what’s the bottom line? Carry this look and women will find you hot and attractive. Also, this beard style works in the best way if you have an inverted triangle or oblong face shape.

Soul Patch:

Lastly, we have a soul patch beard look which is particularly made for bald men.

Those bald headmen who have a chubby face, then carrying this soul patch look is ideal for them.

Moreover, this style is immensely convenient as well as easy to maintain.


To summarize, the above are the highly common and most popular beard styles for bald men.

All of these beard looks have turned out as one of the budding men’s styles for all bald headmen. No matter you have a shaved head; you can still look hot by styling an attractive-looking beard shape.

Furthermore, the above-recommended beard styles work at every length and also at any age.

It is high time for a bald guy to flaunt these looks. Let us know which beard look you find interesting, appealing, and hot to carry.

Keep connected with us as more beard styles designed and made for bald men are coming up on this page.

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