Best Long Beard Hairstyles For Men

Longbeard hairstyles are back in fashion.

To begin with, all beard lovers are going to have a look at the details of the best long beard hairstyles from this web page.

If you do have a beard and you have not tried and experimented with any one of these long beard styles, then you should now give it a try.

Furthermore, these are the extreme and exclusively latest beard styles that all men can flaunt and embrace.

Moreover, by opting for these beard styles, your look will get transformed on drastic and most sexy notes.

You will get noticed and come into the limelight at the same time. Even more, it is always fun and exciting when you get a chance to experiment with different beard styles.

In addition, the epitome and the signature mark of manliness are carrying a full beard along with carrying the coolest hairstyle.

Thus, do get inspiration from any one of the below-mentioned best long beard hairstyles for men. And also share your feedback.

Razor Sharp Kind Of Long Beard Style:

Razor Sharp Kind Of Long Beard Style

Firstly, we have a razor-sharp long beard style for you.

This is the kind of beard style which is all outlined up as well as styled to perfection.

Most importantly, this long beard version is fused and accompanied by clean lines. In this style, the beard is basically and generally trimmed down up to a uniform length.

Thus, if you want to opt for this beard style, then make sure to leave the mustache lengthy. Also, it should be slightly curled completely at the ends.

In this way, your beard will get an extensive amount of style and texture.

Polished But Gruff Long Beard Style For Men:

Most certainly, most of the men love to carry and embrace this long beard style as well. This is a full beard style version.

Here the normal length of a beard usually and mainly reaches right above the chest. To carry this beard style, you need to let your beard grow out completely, freely, and fully.

Moreover, do trim your beard hair with the help of a pair of scissors so that your beard can get a more uniform look and shape.

Boss Man Long Beard Style:

Boss Man Long Beard Style

Besides, there is another popular beard style which is this boss man long man beard style.

This long beard style comprises a moderate length. It is also featured with faded sideburns. And along with that, there is a presence of trim outline.

Beyond, you can couple up and fuse this beard style with a prominent side part addition.

Thus, this is a sort of beard style that will always give you a sense of simplicity and also a feel of effortlessness.

Uniform Looking Long Beard Style For Men:

This beard style version normally and generally reaches up to chin length.

Here your beard and also your mustache is of the same and exact length.

Hence, this is an exclusive beard style where you will experience a slight and little bit sense of uniformity.

Bush And Coif Long Beard Style:

Bush and Coif Long Beard Style

Furthermore, this bush and coif long beard style is heavily and immensely loved by men.

This style is basically and primarily featured with a stylish looking trimmed coif.

Moreover, this is a kind of rough and unruly beard. It normally and commonly set up a balance completely between order and dysfunction.

Hence, to maintain such a beard look and style, you need to leave your beard disheveled in terms of look and appearance. And also neatly comb and brush your hair

The Burly Gentleman Long Beard Style For Men:

Most noteworthy, this is an exclusive and one of the extremely popular long beard style combos which you can also go for!

To maintain and follow up this combo, just try to maintain a disheveled beard look. And most importantly, fuse it up with a perfectly outlined coif.

This is a natural beard style that you can easily and naturally sport with any kind of sleek hairstyle.

Thus, only let your beard and mustache style, maintain and grow out to the same and similar lengths.

Let them reach your chest. And then you can comb them out to remove tangles.

More Variations In Terms Of Best Long Beard Hairstyles For Men:

Below we have highlighted more of the variations which all men can carry and embrace if they are interested in flaunting a long beard:

Dare To Be Bold Long Beard Style:

Bold Long Beard Style

This is one of the edgy looking long beard styles.

In addition, it is featured and packed with the presence of a long goatee. And you need to maintain and carry a trim chin strap as well.

Besides, if you want to acquire this long beard style, then you have to shave off your cheeks completely and thoroughly.

You also have to grow a thick kind of chin strap along in the direction of your jawline.

Consequently, this beard style is all about giving an excellent variation to your beard in terms of texture and lengths.

End you can do that by letting and allowing your goatee and mustache completely and wholly grow out in order.

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Faded Long Beard Style For Men:

Most probably, the popularity of this faded long beard style cannot be denied.

This is a medium length full beard. And it is primarily featured and associated with the addition of faded sideburns.

Moreover, this beard style is incomplete if you will not maintain and grow a curled mustache.

However, if you want to achieve this exactly same beard look, then let your beard simply grow out.

Even more, fade the sideburns. Also, do trim your beard so that it eventually look and come out of the same length.

Your mustache should look shorter so that a more modest sort of curl look can be given to it.

Finally, with the help of curling wax, you can simply curl up the end sections of your mustache.

Wave Effect Long Beard Style:

Wave Effect Long Beard Style
Closeup of a young man styling his long beard with a comb while standing alone in a studio against a gray background

In addition, why not try this out wave effect long beard style.

This is an exclusive and one of the high in demand beard styles that are featured and packed with the element of a goatee. And at the same time, there is a presence of wave pattern to it.

Moreover, you can achieve this same look by braiding. Or you can twist your beard.

Let it sit for an overnight time and acquire this exact look. After the overnight duration, you have to unbraid your beard.

Make sure to fluff out in order to remove all kinds of gaps and tangles so that your beard can get a wavy effect in the perfect manner.

Picture Perfect Long Beard Style For Men:

Moving on, an extensive number of men love carrying this beard style which is popularly termed as the picture-perfect long beard style.

This beard length generally reaches your chest. And also gives you a hombre kind of look and appearance.

Even more, you will notice that the roots of your beard fade from dark gray color to white shade.

Most certainly, one of the main reasons why this long beard has become popular.


It is for the reason that it is featured with full sideburns. And these sideburns generally extend up completely into a short haircut form.

Other Popular Long Beard Styles For Men:

Other popular Long Beard Styles For men

Ginger Beard In Form Long Beard Style:

On exclusive terms, we have another recommendation for you.

It is this ginger beard in form long beard style that you can freely opt for! Besides, the Ginger Beard style is something which is gifted by God to just a few of the chosen people.

Generally, this is a full and long beard type that always manages to look sexy, hot, and amazingly gorgeous.

Long Beard Style With An Undercut:

Most certainly, by getting a long beard with an undercut style, we are sure you will look tempting and extremely hot.

What you need to do is to get a long beard and have an undercut hairstyle as well.

Hence, this is a compatible looking hairstyle which looks the best and immensely perfect with a long beard.

Such a kind of hairstyle will make your beard more prominent and noticeable.

Expressive Handlebar Long Beard Style:

Moreover, in this beard style, you simply have to grow a long beard. And carry a handlebar mustache along with it.

For most of the long beard styles and versions, carrying a mustache is a must for all men.

Most probably, we can say that mustache is the best companion and everlasting best friend for a full and long beard.

Just let your beard hair grow more and more. And also do take care of your mustache.

Give the shape of a handlebar to your mustache. You can use wax for this purpose as well.


To summarize, above are the immensely popular and trendy long beard styles.

Let us know what you think about these beard style versions. We are waiting for your feedback.

Even more, if you have a beard then share with us which beard style you are currently flaunting these days! Stay tuned with us too.


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