7 Biggest Beard Myths that You Probably Still Believe In!

Here we are going to debunk and discover a few of the biggest beard myths. Let us check out the complete details of these fantasies.

However, most of the men do believe in these myths. These untrue and popular beard myths have always captured the attention of the men community.

In addition, apart from telling you in detail about these beard myths. We are going to replace them with pure and genuine truth.

If you a true beard lover then it is important for you to know the actual truth.

Besides, these 7 biggest beard myths which you must know before growing a beard.

We will also highlight other important and popular folk tales to you. It is not important to believe in these sagas and stories.

Grow your beard and experience the changes on your own.

Now, let’s get started with myth no.1:

Myth No. #1: Beard Hair Grows Back Thicker If You Shave It Multiple Times

Beard Hair Grows Back Thicker

To begin with, your beard hair eventually grows back completely and wholly thicker right after shaving it.

Furthermore, it is believed that if you will shave your beard for multiple numbers of times. Then the hair will grow back in a thick pattern.

Besides, it is assumed that one should shave their beard on the alternate days. Such a routine will give them thick hair on their beards.

Hence, this is the common belief which is assumed by most of the men.

The Real Truth Behind the Myth

Most probably, this is the wrong myth. Shaving your beard for multiple numbers of times will not give you thick and darker hair.

However, you are going to get scruffy as well as the coarse hair on your beard.

Consequently, it is recommended to shave your beard for a minimum number of times. If you want to make your facial hair look thicker and darker.

Then you have to shave it for a few numbers of times.

Most certainly, you must have understood the real truth and reality behind this myth. If you do not want to get dull looking hair on your beard.

Then avoid shaving it on excessive notes.

Myth No. #2: Girl Find Those Men Hot and Sexy Who Have Beard

Letting Your Beard Grow

Furthermore, we have the next popular myth for you. So, the story behind this myth is that girls find those men hot who has a beard.

This is another fake story. However, this saga is not at all true.

Most importantly, it is not necessary that just those men are hot and sexy who have beards and moustache facial.

Beyond, there are a few of the girls who do love and link clean-shaven look. It depends on the girl preference level.

Reality Behind This Saga

As an example, to give you more clarity on this myth. There are some girls who like facial hair and beard, moustache looks.

On the other hand, there are a few of the girls who prefer to praise men with beard hair.

Before you grow a beard, make sure to get feedback from your girlfriend. Even more, girls prefer and favour the clean-shaven look.

It is due to the reason that they find facial hair rough and itchy.

No matter how much sexy looking beard style you are carrying. If your girl does not find it attractive. Then there is no point of keeping it.

Hence, there is no relation between keeping a beard and looking sexy. There is no practical relation encompassed in this folk tale.

Myth No. #3: Beard Grow Completely In Two to Three Weeks Time Frame

Beard Grow Completely

Besides, the rest of the fake tales and saga stories! Have you heard about this myth!

Many men assume and believe that a beard grows completely in 2 to 3 weeks time duration. This is not true.

Most of the men live in the kind of world where they truly believe in this misconception. Furthermore, they just wait up to three weeks to see this miracle.

It is proven that none of the beard hair types can grow completely in two to three weeks time span.

Truth Behind this Misconception

In fact, we have the contrasting fact for you. Most noteworthy, a normal beard takes about two to three months to grow up completely.

This the minimum time frame which any beard takes. Besides, a few of the beards require more time and duration as well.

Myth No. #4: Beards Keep Your Immensely Hot in The Summer

Beards Keep Your Immensely

To all beard lovers, they have commonly heard this story. It is that beards keep you immensely and intensely hot during the summertime.

Thus, it is one of the common myths which is strongly believed by a large population of men.

Before the plan to grow and keep a beard. They preassume this fact that beard will keep them pretty warm and hot in the summer.

The Reality Behind this False Myth

Most certainly, there is no strong evidence discovered behind this myth.

The truth is that beards can primarily and specifically keep you cool. Moreover, they bring a shade towards your face.

In other words, beards act as in the form of an evaporative cooler.

Like, if you are sweating, beards will evaporate your sweat immediately.

Myth No. #5: Keeping a Beard Gives You a Creepy Look

Creepy Look Beards

This is just an interesting myth. To begin with, it is assumed that the beard gives you a creepy look.

It is still speculated that keeping a beard will only give you a homeless feeling.

Most noteworthy, it is theorized that those men keep a beard who just had a breakup with their wife or girlfriend.

How Far this Myth is True?

To summarize, this is not a true fact. There is absolutely no relation in keeping a beard because you have got dumped in a relation.

If you plan to keep a beard, then just do not believe in this myth at any cost. Moreover, beard gives you a super cool look if it is properly styled.

Those who say that you are looking creepy and homeless. It is better to ignore those people.

If you manage to maintain a cleanly-groomed sort of beard style. Then people will not throw such tantrums and funny comments on you.

Myth No. #6: Just Dark Colored Beards Look Decent

Dark Colored Beards Look Decent

This is a common thought which is possessed by many men.

They usually make a strong connection between dark-coloured beards and looking decent. However, this is not a true case.

Moreover, men have made this image in their minds that just dark-haired beards stand out. And always look smoky hot.

Do you actually believe that if you do not have a smouldering and dark-haired beard, then you will look unimpressive!

Truth Hidden in this Saga

There is no evidence and clear-cut proof packed in this myth. Even if you have a light-haired beard, it will still look great on you.

Most importantly, fair-haired men get a light-coloured beard. On the other hand, those who are heavily haired. They usually get a dark-coloured beard.

You just need to look for the correct ways to carry and style your beard. No matter you have a dark-coloured or a light-coloured beard. Just flaunt and style it correctly.

Myth No. #7: Always Trim Your Beard by a Professional

Trim your beard

Do you believe and theorize this myth that one should trim his beard only by a professional? We are sure many of you will disregard this myth.

Men believe and strongly postulate that they should trim and style their beards just from a professional barber.

They do so because they lack confidence as if they cannot trim their beard properly.

Reality Encompassed in this Misconception

It is time to disregard this fake story. However, it is recommended to start to learn the ways of trimming your beard.

Not a single professional barber understands your beard type the way you do!

Moreover, the beard owner knows his personal preferences in a detailed way as well. There may come a case that barber overtime and overcut your beard.

Besides, a barber may not know about your style preferences. And he may not have clarity on your requirements and desires.

In general, the best method is to trim the beard on your own.

By doing so, you will remain cautious. And this habit will save your barber fees as well.

Different BIGGEST Beard Myths!

 Growing a Beard

All Areas of Beard Grow At The Same Rate and Speed

This is an absolute wrong myth. If you think your beard areas will grow at the same rate, then you are living in a confusing world.

Furthermore, this belief is supported by most of the men still these days. This will never happen that your beard sections will start to grow at a similar speed.

A few of your beard areas show a fast growth rate. At the same time, a few of the beard zones show slow growth speed.

Most probably, beard hair present on your cheeks tends to grow extremely slowly.

And beard hair encompassed on your chin, they tend to grow eventually fast.

Ultimate Truth Present in This Myth

No matter how hard you work on your beard. It will still look patchy. At times, your chin area will get completely covered by beard hair.

Or at times, your cheeks get completely surrounded by beard hair.

Hence, always believe that your beard hair does not grow at a similar rate and speed.

More Misconceptions On Growing and Keeping Beard

Growing And Keeping Beard

You Get a Proper Beard by 20s, 30s Age Time

This a common myth that your beard gets filled completely and grows when you are 20 years old.

However, this does not happen all the time. Unfortunately, in most cases, 20-year-old boys do not get a proper beard.

Moreover, by the age of 20, you will only get these patchy beards.

The real truth is that your beard will keep on getting improved throughout your 20s age. And also in your 30s time.

When you enter in your 40s and 50s. Then a proper beard will come on your face.

Men Should Shave Their Beard For Their Job Interviews

Furthermore, you may have heard about this saga as well. It is theorized that men should shave their beards for their job interview sessions.

Most of the men follow this common practice. And they shave their beard before they need to appear for their job interview,

This is just a devastating myth. In addition, there is no point of shaving your beard until and unless your company is anti-beard.

If your company is not strictly anti-beard. Then it will not discriminate you for keeping a beard.

Beards are Scratchy

Moreover, is someone ways to you keeping a beard will give you a scratchy feel. Then do not believe in this theory.

Thus, by using a good quality beard oil. You will not ever get that uncomfortable and scratchy feel while keeping a beard.

Those who often use high-quality beard oils. Their beards always look nourished and healthy then!

Beards Give a Gross Look

Gross Look Beards

This is not true that beards look immensely dirty and gross. If you have got this full and luxurious beard, then how it will look dirty.

However, this myth can come out true if you will not keep your beard tidy and clean. It will remain to look dirty if it is not appropriately groomed.

Thus, as long as you are going to keep your beard clean on a regular basis. It will look flawless always!

Summing Up!

To summarize, we hope that you have got the exact and correct explanation on these myths.

Before you grow a beard, make sure to completely disregard these fake stories and tales. They just appear to divert you.

Hence, if you love keeping a beard, go ahead! Style it perfectly and flaunt it with the highest perfection level.

Let us know what other beard keeping myths you used to support fully and wholly. Share that with us and we will further update you regarding beard keeping misconceptions.

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