Top 10 Curley Beard Styles Review In 2022

In case you’re considering taking your facial hair to the best level, now is a decent time to look at some cool beard styles and designs. There are so many styles of facial hair.

So whether you’re hoping to grow long facial hair or need new short, prepared ideas, we have the most demanding styles of beard.

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10 Curley Beard Styles Reviewed:

Thick Curly Beard Style:

Curly Beard Style

We all know that in this world everyone loves this kind of thick beard.

This style is very common but for this kind of beard, you need to wait because this beard will take 3 or 4 months to grow out, Everyone looks good in this thick beard.

To maintain the tight and actual look you need to be careful while trimming the lower neck or edges. This style is most suited to healthy men. With this beard style, you look classy and gentlemanly.

Short Beard:

Now we have a short curly beard style.

This kind of beard is very popular, But it only looks good when it is maintained properly and we know that this amazing short beard is all about shape rather than length. 

So to look good all the time you need to trim it by yourself. While trimming you need to pay your full attention because this is not an easy task. 

We suggest you buy a good quality trimmer for this. I will recommend you buy Philips Norelco Multigroomer Trimmer as it is one of the best and safest options even for beginners. 

Overall this short beard style is recommended for men who are average in height.

The tall boys should avoid this beard style.

Faded Beard:

Everyone in this world loves fade, Wheater it is on your hair or in your beard, The Faded beard makes you unique and provides a gentlemanly look.

This faded beard has become a popular style for hipster guys. By trimming your sideburns and beard into your hair, your barber can create a fresh, clean look.

For this style your beard needs to be very hairy, This faded beard style is one of the most trendy and common styles.

Cool Beard Shape:

While you may be able to shave or trim your beard at home in between trips to the barbershop, it’s probably best to get your beard shaped by your stylist.

First, this helps guys get the right symmetry and design with their haircuts.

Second, you can learn how your barber cut your facial hair so that you can use the same techniques when you maintain it yourself at home.

Long Beard:

Long Beard

This style is also very popular. The long beard style provides a very unique look. There are so many different ways to wear a long beard. 

The best long beards must be full and thick, without any patchy parts it can easily be done by using Lab Series Grooming Oil as it helps a lot and very effectively in your beard growth procedure.

But to yourself in this style, you need to be patient because this long beard takes some months to grow properly. This style provides a very mature look.

Bald with Beard:

Bald with a beard is a very popular style, mostly we see this style in men who are above 40. A shaved head matched very well with a beard.

For this unique look, your beard must be full of hair patchy beard will never give you the actual look many women love bald men with beards, so much so that not all guys who shave their heads need to.

While some guys shave their heads because of thinning hair, a bad hairline, or loss, a bald head can be a choice for a low-maintenance style.

Full Beard:

This type of beard is actually for all mature men. Full beards provide versatile looks and look very great with short, medium, and long hair.

You can even combine them with handlebar mustaches for a cool hipster touch.

If you’re playing to take this style so you need to wait because we know that a full beard needs some time to grow. Also if you have a patchy beard so don’t go for this look.

Man Bun + Beard:

Man Bun + Beard

This style is very common and suited to anyone. The man bun and beard combo work every time.

This style is very unique that it gives a messy look most women loved the messy look. This messy look attracts. Overall this style is very unique.


If you have skin in which growing a lot of facial hair isn’t easy for you, then a simple goatee may do the trick.

This style is liked by all. Goatee styles come in many variations, and you can choose to shave your mustache for a goatee without one.

This style is very common in 2021!

Van Dyke Beard:

The Van Dyke is a kind of goatee with a chin beard and curved mustache.

The Van Dyke beard takes a rugged, confident man to pull off.

This style is very popular because back in 2014 David Beckham used to wear this style. 

How to Straighten Your Curley Beard?

How to Straighten Your Curley Beard

So straightening your beard is a daily process.

You’ll need to make a routine of beard maintenance, With all this maintenance and care your beard will stay straight throughout the day, So we are discussing how to maintain your beard or how to straighten your beard So check it out:

To maintain your beard you required some equipment such as a comb, beard oil, creams, etc.

Make sure that the creams or oil you are using are very premium and tested before Honest Amish Beard Balm is one of the best options so you can check it. , Rubbing too much silicone cream on your bread is not very good, it might harm your beard as well as your skin.

Straighten beard looks very beautiful and it generally provides a gentlemanly look, For you, we have some tips that might help you to straighten your facial hairs.

So we suggest you don’t use a hot blow hairdryer, Hairdryer generally adds volume to your head hairs but in a beard hot air will make your hair brittle, So instead of hot air use cool air.

The dryer is only used for drying your hair properly. Also, you are not supposed to put so many different creams on your facial hairs, Remember one thing that these facial hairs are very different from head hairs.

We suggest you use beard oil instead of silicon creams.

These beard oils boost the growth of your beard, if you have a patchy beard you should use them, Also this oil will keep hairs soft. 

Editors’ Choice:

Although we have reviewed so many beard styles, we suggest you wear this long beard, Long and full beard provides a very mature and classy look,

This type of beard style is very common, To keep this beard style you need to wait because a full beard will take some time,

Also if you have a patchy beard or facial hair so then do go for this type, full beard style is loved and liked by all women.


So we have reviewed so many beard styles for you, We hope you like this review and also hope that you will try any style from our list.

In last we conclude this review by suggesting one thing. These all beard types look good but wear any style which suits you.

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