7 Facts & Myths About Growing A Ginger Beard

Those men who have a ginger beard, they always remain in the limelight.

They are, at times, called gingers. Or they are also popularly known with the name of red-bearded men.

First, here you will explore the top 7 facts and myths about growing a ginger beard.

Let us check out that! You may have heard about long circulated facts, sagas, and myths regarding this ginger beard. Some of the rumors are true.

And some of the tales are false about a ginger beard. Furthermore, genetics plays a large and vital role for those men who have this kind of beard.

It is generally your “ginger gene” which gives you this sort of beard. 

Moreover, it is your MC1R gene that manages to mutate. If two mutated genes are there, then the outcome is generally a redhead and a red beard.

Even more, if your whole and the entire family has a dark beard and dark hair, then there are a fair number of chances that you will get ginger strands right on your beard or on your head.

To Have a Ginger beard, It is entirely normal.

However, it is entirely normal to accept this fact and the reality that you have a ginger beard.

As long as you will keep it well-trimmed and well-groomed, it shall look perfectly fine on you.

Besides, it would help if you kept it thoroughly moisturized. When the beard shade does not match your head hair color, you further get a spectacular look.

Lastly, ginger beards require and need the usual amount of washing, and also moisturizing.

This is the reason you must need Bulldog Men’s Skincare Kit as it comes with a wash, scrub, and moisturizer also so it will be the perfect option for you.

The most fun fact about a ginger beard is that these men usually are usually left-handed.

It is assumed that the red gene or ginger gene and the left-hand gene simultaneously and collectively.

Moreover, both of the genes are recessive, and it is these typically recessive genes make and let ginger bearded men become left-handed.

Top Facts & Myths About Growing A Ginger Beard:


Now it is the time to have a look at the top 7 myths and interesting facts which are encompassed by these ginger beards:

1- Having Red Hair Does Not Mean You Will Get A Ginger Beard

Most probably, you may have heard this saga that if you have a redhead, then there are a massive number of chances that you shall be able to grow a ginger beard as well.

It is not valid. This is a common belief that is assumed by a lot of people. However, there is no reality behind this assumption.

Red hair does not give birth to a red beard every single time. Most importantly, just a few of the chosen and selected people fall into this category.

The exciting part is that if you have a ginger beard without red hair, then such men are called half-ginger.

Thus, some men have red hair and a black beard. And some have black hair and a red beard. It depends on your gene’s mutation process.

2- Ginger Bearded Men have a Fierce Temper:

Having Red Hair Does Not Mean You Will Get A Ginger Beard

Most certainly, there is another myth and exciting fact which you may have heard about ginger bearded men.

It is that such men have a violent nature. They are basically and commonly short-tempered. It is the most believed saga so far.

If you read the historical aspect of ginger bearded and redhead’s hair men, you may know that such men were bullied and abused a lot.

It is most noteworthy because of the traditional teasing, using, and taunting part that they have become short-tempered.

It was often seen in the old days that people teased a ginger man whenever they got an opportunity.

The current situation has got improved a lot. Consequently, it is mostly and extensively because of the past times’ attitude that ginger men lose their temper.

They remain unpleasant in their moods most of the time. On the other hand, so far, no scientific evidence is collected and researched on this myth.

3- Gingers are Marked as Unlucky:

Gingers are Marked as Unlucky

Furthermore, Egyptians used to count and identify gingers as unlucky. They considered them as being unfortunate. It is since the past times that a ginger beard is marked and counted unlucky. Lots of Egyptians still follow this belief. Beyond, they used to burn ginger maidens to get rid of the whole future generation of potential gingers. They do so to wipe out their genes. Also, the reality is that a non-ginger can have and carry ginger genes as well.

On the other hand, gingers are often and commonly linked with witchcraft. It is believed that they turn into vampires right after their death.

However, this is one of the scary sagas and myths associated with and made against ginger bearded men.

Moreover, this belief and fear were possessed by the ancient Greeks. It is in Christian Europe that having red hair and a red beard is a sign and symbol of witchcraft.

Hence, it looks from the historical evidence that ginger bearded men were certainly seen and looked untrustworthy. But the current evidence contradicts this myth.

4- Ginger Bearded Men Can Identify The Changes Taking Place in Temperature:

Ginger Bearded Men Can Identify The Changes Taking Place in Temperature

Most importantly, it is believed by people that gingers possess a superpower in them. And it is about detecting temperature changes.

It is one of the health myths which are made for these people. However, do you believe that gingers have this superpower!

Most noteworthy, energies are mutants. We can say that in the sense that their specific genes caused these red beard hair.

And this trait eventually makes them sensitive to the different settings of temperature. Moreover, ginger bearded men can easily detect the change and phases taking place in climate.

Even more, these ginger bearded people look pale. They have a light skin tone. They always look different in the crowd or no matter they are present in a small gathering. 

Apart from carrying this superpower, it is assumed that gingers beards hardly turn and change into gray color.

An extensive number of people support this myth that ginger beards come in the copper tone as time passes.

Or they go and change themselves in the blonde fashion. Thus, they hardly go and transform themselves in the grey color.

5- Gingers are stereotyped and marked as untrustworthy:

Gingers are stereotyped and marked as untrustworthy

Most probably, there are a countless number of stories which tell us this saga that ginger bearded men are drawn, stereotyped and identified as unreliable.

This belief was extensively possessed by the people living during medieval times. In the old century, people used to warn the other person not to choose and have friendships with a red beard and red-haired man.

Old century people used to give these warnings as not to provide the post of an advisor or consultant to such a man who has a red beard.

Moreover, there is this manuscript derived and extracted from the 14th century.

It states that redheads and red beards are rarely and hardly faithful in terms of friendship.

Furthermore, red hair or keeping a red bear is considered and marked suspect as well as impure.

Such men are labeled as dangerous as they are not loyal to you.

Massive people believe that ginger bearded men do not meet and fulfill the standards called average persons.

Thus, this is a wrong belief. One should not judge all ginger bearded men solely on these pieces of evidence.

6- Ginger Beards are Rough and Frizzy:

Ginger Beards are Rough and Frizzy

This is generally and commonly believed that ginger beards are rough, tough, thicker, and frizzy looking.

If you have a ginger beard, you will often face a more dense, coarse, and frizzy-looking beard.

Beyond, this kind of beard dries out soon and immediately as well. One has to take extra care and attention to keep this beard type manageable.

Thus, it isn’t easy to keep a ginger beard soft, moisturized as well as disciplined.

Though it looks unique and different. Still, it has its fair share of cons and downsides too.

Also, ginger beards are coarse. And they are prone to get dry fast and quickly as compared to other beard types and versions.

In other words, they are usually frizzy. And their grooming job gets a bit tough and time-consuming.

They need more moisturizing, even if it is summertime or wintertime. Consequently, ginger beards are thicker. For a reason that moisture loss happens at a quick and faster rate. 

7- Ginger Bearded Men Feel More Pain:

Ginger Bearded Men Feel More Pain1

Lastly, it is truly and genuinely believed that ginger bearded men feel more pain. They are quiet and compassionate.

It is researched that red genes are responsible for identifying and recognizing the body temperature changes quickly and fast.

For a reason, that red-bearded men or ginger bearded men are more sensitive to temperature changes.

And they are also positively and immensely sensitive toward any pain. Most importantly, it is this same gene variant that results and leads to red hair.

For the reason that this gene variant makes these men more susceptible and sensitive to pain

However, the other side of this saga and tale is that ginger bearded men possess a higher pain threshold.

Some people believe that red-bearded men feel less pain. And they accompany a more elevated and more significant pain threshold as compared to the other people.

Fun Facts On a Ginger Beard:

Fun facts on a ginger beard1

If you are interested in reading some of the fun and unknown facts on gingers, then below we have listed and collected for you:

Most importantly, it is true that not all ginger bearded men are white.

Those who do not have fair skin can have this kind of beard too.

It is stereotypically believed that white men can have ginger beards. Besides, gingers have given a lot of inspiration to great art.

It is entirely right that red hair catches and grabs the eye due to its brightness and relative rarity because this quality has attracted a large number of artists.

And they have managed to feature redheads immensely and prominently in their work.

Also, ginger beards are not getting extinct any time sooner. It is for a hundred numbers of years that this recessive gene may likely be present in you.

Also, gingers have their dating website, how surprising it is! There are numerous matchmaking platforms and websites exclusively for redheads.

Gingers are well-represented and highly ranked among British royalty. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, had a redhead.

Even more, one of the most prominent and distinguish contemporary royal gingers are Prince Harry. 


To summarize, ginger beards do not at all look abnormal. They are considered and marked normal.

It is only because of a genetic deviation that you get this kind of beard or head hair.

Moreover, on the contrary notes, such a beard looks incredibly sexy, hot, and attractive.

These days, people dye their beards to get this ginger or red hair look.

In previous times, people were abused and mocked for having red hair or a ginger beard.

However, one should flaunt and embrace their ginger beard with dignity and pride.

It is not proved so far whether these myths and facts are true or not. So, never count yourself unlucky, unfortunate, untrustworthy if you have a ginger beard.

Furthermore, do let us know what your opinion is on these ginger beards! We are waiting for your feedback.

Also, share with us if you plan to dye your beard in this similar and exact shade.

Lastly, what other myths you have heard about growing a ginger beard. Share that with us on this platform.

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