Proven Hair Care Tips From the Experts

Haircare is crucial but many of us do not think about hair health while eating or choosing the products.

Not only women but men also want healthy and shiny hair and many believe that it is hard to make this dream come true. But it is not!

Experts from Evercare hospital Lahore share their opinion and reveal that hair care can make this dream come true for both women and men.

But if you know what hairdos and don’ts you should follow, it will be easier to maintain your hair health.

Hair Care Dos:

Choose The Right Hair Products:

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Using the wrong hair products can damage your hair and result in hair fall. When you go to buy the hair product, read the labeled ingredients and make sure that you choose the chemical-free product.

When it comes to buying shampoo, match the hair type of yours with its ingredients.

If you have dry hair, buy the required shampoo but still, you need to make sure that it contains chemicals or not. Chemical contained shampoo can cause damage to your scalp and result in irritation.

Shampoo which contains sulfate and parabens is used for lathering and preserving. Such products can cause irritation over time and also increase the risk of hormonal disruption.

Wash Your Hair Properly:

Environmental factors leave the dirt and other chemical components in your hair. Your hair gets excess oil that needs to be removed regularly.

Make sure that you wash your hair after every second day. Some experts say that washing your hair regularly can leave your hair dry and remove the scalp’s natural oil.

Use the Right Conditioner:

To make your hair manageable, choose the conditioner that is a perfect match for your hair type. Experts reveal that using a conditioner can help to fight against heat styling.

Environment aggressors can make your hair look unmanageable, but using conditioner after every shower can help you in getting manageable hair.

Before applying the conditioner, learn how to use it. Apply it on the tips of the hair and avoid it with the scalp. Rise it off properly after a few minutes.

Oil Your Hair:

Do you believe in pre-shampoo treatment? Well, oiling and massaging of the scalp improves the blood circulation of your head that relaxes your muscles.

Experts share that it helps to boost the shine of your hair and also increases hair nourishment. People often use mineral oil which is not a good option to go with.

Wrap your hair with a towel after applying the warm oil as it helps to oil work and reduce the friction between hair strands.

Trim Your Hair:

Every 6-8 weeks, you should trim your hair. No matter how much you care about your hair, split ends are always there. Environmental factors cause most of the damage to the endpoints of your hair strands. 

A study revealed that trimming hair improves hair growth and is the only way to get rid of split ends. It gives a smooth look to your hair as well.

Split ends often result due to different factors, such as pollution, smoking, stress, and heat styling. Taking care of your hair and trimming can help to get manageable hair.

Drink Water:

It is not wrong to say that internal hydration is linked with almost every function of your body.

A well-balanced and healthy hair is possible only when you keep yourself hydrated. Make sure that you drink 3 liters of water every day as it is a good practice to keep your hair healthy.

Hair Don’ts:

  • Do not take hot showers for long as it strips away the natural oil from your scalp.
  • Stress is also a reason for hair fall and white hair growth, make sure that you manage it before it affects your hair health.
  • Avoid the shower with salt water as it causes irritation to your scalp and makes the hair tangled.
  • Prolonged heat styling results in split ends and weak hair strands.

Final Thought!

Ingrown hair is caused when you do not take shower for long periods. A hair care routine can help to manage hair health but a medical condition can also cause hair fall and you should get medical help for such issues.

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