How to Do Braid: A Step-by-Step Guide

Beard styles have completely changed over the course of years. And now there are a variety of styles that you can groom your beard with.

Viking beard styles have also been an addition to this vogue. The beard in Viking style is one of the most prevalent trends recently, this style gives a stunning look of Vikings.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how you can do different braids in Viking styles. Beards provide a confident look to your masculinity. To be able to carry out his style, you need to have a beard of a minimum 2 inches long. 

Wondering, why braided beards? Exactly, you must have seen these on a person’s head, but now it’s common practice with beards too.

We will not only cover how to make a Viking beard but also tell you how can do different styles within Viking braids :

How To Do Braids:


Step 1:

To start with braids, first, you need to separate your facial hair into three equal-sized parts, using a beard comb. 

Beard combs are suggested rather than using brushes. Because combs will easily detangle any knot that you might experience during this process. 

Step 2:

Lift the strand at the far left and put it over the middle portion, putting it in the center position, in the vertically parallel strand of each other. 

Step 3:

Now lift the strand on the far right and place it over the middle portion.

Step 4: 

You need to continue the above process of lifting left and right strands, until the desired pattern of the braid is achieved. It is important to note that you are not braiding too tightly as it would result in damaging your facial hair or may form tangles. 

Step 5:

Once you’re about to finish, squeeze your ring finger and thumb on the very bottom of the braid. Cover the braid with a sufficient amount of wax on the hairs at the core.

Different Beard Braid Styles:

You can even try these amazing looking braid styles once you have learned how to make a braid.

1. The Viking’s Traditional:

One of the first types of braided beard is the Traditional Viking. This braid requires one large braid down the chin,  Besides the braid, there should be no other beard hair dangling from the face.

Start by making a standard one-size-fits-all braid with everything you’ve grown till your chin. Continue to twist before you get to the thin regions.

With a short little beard hair strand, you want to cover the edge. At the end of the braid, it will feel like an arrow. 

Moreover, you can even give your beard a bold look by decorating it with beads or skull jewellery that would recall an old Viking battle. The Traditional Viking can be built for an amazing long or a short full beard.

2. The Beard Bun:

The beard bun has become a common style among beard braid lovers. This style is easy to make and also twice as effective. Our beards sometimes get in the way of a messy meal. We have to battle the wind or harsh weather, more than usual.

All you need is an elastic band or hair tie to pull off this style. Take a tuft of hair and tie the basic knot under your chin. Leave the room a little, so you won’t cut off too much circulation. Go as big or small as you would like to do with this style.

3. Goatee Braid:

Nothing tells the elegance of a single braid in the face of your forestry. This is a unique braid that comes down under your lips from the middle of your chin.

This style consists of making your beard smooth and thick. You have to trim the sides of your beard to be symmetrical vertically. Feel free to seek out the width of the Braid goat.

4. Three-pong:

 The Three Prong braid style is a unique style that shows a person who has no fear of braiding his masterful expertise. Keep the braids out of the face freely and let the people notice your creativity.

You’re going to need a nice and equal separation on your beard first. The longer this style works, the better. Begin by separating from your middle part and first create the largest and longest braid. Follow the stretching parallel to the middle left and right.

5. Forked braid:

The Forked Braid is a new beard style, which is still rare. From below it swings wildly revealing the bearded virility. This is a versatile style which is short or long to carry.

Take your hands to begin by splitting the bottom of your beard into two separate parts opposite. Before you move to another site, start by twisting one side first.

Ensure the intermediate space in a V-like division is even and formed. The bottom of the Forked beard braid type is protected by beads or elastic bands.

6. Wizard Twirl:

This is one of the easiest braid styles to give to your beard. The Wizard Twirl is a basic twisted style that needs a minimum of twists.

Only take the hair out of the chin and surroundings gently into a windy, pointed whirl. 

Some light elastic bands, hairpins, or even a generous amount of wax and balm can secure it. 

This is a perfect look for men with long beards on the thinner or straight side.

Wizard Twirl followers can become creative and grow with it as long as they are content with their hearts. Usually, hair from the cheeks ‘sides and side jawline are all mixed to one extent.



We hoped that this guide was of some use for you. With this article, our motive was to provide you with the information on how you can do braids in Viking styles.

We have also mentioned several other styles that you can try on your braids. After going through this guide, you must have learned how to give your beard amazing styles.

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