How To Have A Dwarf Beard – (A Step By Step Guide)

You have watched The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings film series right? You have remembered all the characters, especially the fat little guy with a long lock beard.

That is who we know as Dwarf. They are human beings like us but are shorter in height, imagine an elf who works for Santa Claus but with normal ears.

In the film like The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings, the little dude has a long beard with some hair twist.

Generally, no one has grown that much long beard, so the way to have your Dwarf beard is just by making on. You know like to get creative, and it is commonly used as a Halloween costume.

Dwarf Beard Or Yarn Beard

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So as I mentioned earlier Dwarf beard is a geek for Halloween, They also call it Yarn Beard because it is made with yarn.

So if are feeling lazy and don’t want to go the store to especially buy one, or if you don’t want spent money for some reason or whatever the situation is.

There is a method that you can make one is easy if you are in arts and craft.

Another good about yarn beard is that it is lightweight, so you can easily spend your afternoon while trick or treating.

Things You Need To Start Making Your Yarn Beard;

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  1. Two Skeins Yarn (Here you can choose the colour of the yarn. Since we are making a beard out of you should choose black or brown)
  2. A thread with its matching.
  3. A sewing needle
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. A measuring tape

This is stuff you pretty much need. Make sure to have a mirror nearby or your phone to check the fit.

1-Make A Braided Base

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Start by cutting three of yarn of 36 inches. Next, make a knot at one end and then braid them together.

Once you have done braiding tie the at the other end. This braid will be the platform or the anchor on which we are going to build the beard on.

Just for a safe side, make sure you have braiding about 25-30 inches, otherwise, you have to make more.

2-Chin Strap

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After you have made a braid you now to make a loop for the ear. So take one end of the braid and loop it around your ear, not so but bit lose, try to loop where it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Once you have a write loop sew them together.

Now take the other end and stretch across your face but from the lower lip and repeat the same process. Test the loop and then knot it, after which sew them together. Cut the excess off.

3-Make The Moustache Base

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You have made the base for the beard. Now you need to make it for the moustache. Start taking another yarn and braid them together or you take those which you cut them as excess for the beard. Place the new board over the beard base.

Check where it best sits and feels comfortable. Also, don’t make a long braid. Once you have pinned the right setting sew them together.

4-Making A Moustache

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Here you have to choose the of the moustache which you want to have. Like 55 inches of yarn can give you roughly 5 inches of a mustache or two 12 inches braid on either side.

More the yarn the bigger the moustache. OK after you have the right size and sew them from the middle

5- Sewing Them On The Base

Once you are done making a moustache now is the time you need to attach it with the base. For this use, a measuring tape for accuracy, start by measuring the base of the moustache.

Then take the moustache and sewing them in the middle of the base. Ok, now you need to make two more sections of the moustache one from each side. It is easy once you have sewed the moustache with base.

Take one end of the moustache a place across the bread base on the cheek side.

Do the same for the other side and sew them together, So now you have evenly spaced wonderful moustache hanging from the braid.

6-Moustache Braid

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Once you have sewed them on the base now is the time you make a braid on the end of the moustache and then sew them. Don’t trim the excess as you will be needing them at the end.

 7-Beard Length

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Just like the moustache, choose the length of the beard according to your desire. To make the braid in the middle make sure to have some piece.

8-How To Attach The Beard

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Use yarn to attach the beard, depending upon the thickness of the beard that will require the number of yarn to use.

Following are the steps to attach the beard

>Take your lengths of yarn and double them over. Hold them in the middle and position them under the braid with the middle on the side of the braid opposite you.

>Bring up the middle loop and feed the ends through.

>Keep pulling the ends through until it begins to tighten.

>Flip it around so the loop is on the back of the beard and tighten.

9-Attach The Beard On The Sided and Middle

Start attaching the beard from the moustache and work your way up to the ear loop. It is best to start from the side as it is less noticeable. After that repeat the same process for the middle.

10-Fixing The Droopy Beard


Beard isn’t supposed to stretch, so as for this case adding more yarn will make the beard to look stretched. So just take the bottom portion, bring up to the top (or fold) and sew them.

11-Braid The Middle

Now, this is optional, but if you want to make a braid in the beard take the middle portion of the yarn and braid them.


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Lastly, lay the beard on a table and trim the ends to make it look nice and even.

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And there you have it, DIY method to make a yarn. Now you are set for Halloween, TRICK OR TREAT!

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