How to Grow Your Beard Like Jason Momoa – (Complete Steps)

No doubt the overall beard and hairstyle of Jason Momoa (Aquaman) have totally and wholly taken this character up to an epic level.

This long and unruly beard look has transformed Aquaman to appear as a god-like surfer kind of superhero.

To begin with, here we have interesting details for you as to how to grow your beard like Jason Momoa (Aquaman).

Talking specifically about the Jason Momoa Aquaman hairstyle, he opted for a long wavy and shoulder-length hairstyle.

He has these beach-like curls. And these curls are accompanied by “ombre” coloured highlights.

Furthermore, this typical looking surfer styled long haircut makes Jason Momoa beard further captivating looking.

Moreover, his patchy, long and unruly beard look is easy to grow and maintain. Below we have more details and explanation for you:

Jason Momoa (Aquaman) Signature Beard Look – Scraggly Full Beard

Jason Momoa Beard Style

You might be wondering regarding the exact process to grow your beard like Aquaman, here you can check this guide.

You may have noticed that Jason Momoa possesses and surrounded by a very patchy beard look all through his facial sides.

In this character, he has worn a scraggly kind of full beard. Most importantly, it is in the middle section of his beard that Jason wears a longer full goatee.

However, this is a great-looking beard style for those men who have a squarer face shape. Such a beard look will perfectly define and accentuate your jawline and facial features.

Most noteworthy, other celebs like that of Tom Hardy have to worn shorter variations of this similar-looking beard style.

Even more, to maintain this Aquaman beard look, you have to fade down the sides of your beard. Just keep your beard shorter.

And along with that, you have to keep your goatee area completely full. In addition, avoid having and keeping the awkward-looking neckbeard.

Lastly, Jason Momoa’s mustache look is slightly longer as well as fuller.

Jason Momoa Beard Style is Completely Long and Unruly Looking

Jason Momoa Beard Style

Want to know the best part if you are somehow interested in keeping and growing a beard like Aquaman, it is that it looks extremely sharp.

Jason Momoa’s beard look is complete proof that anyone can carry this scraggly beard look with perfection.

This is a wrong perception that scraggly beard does not look sharp at all.

It can for sure look sharp if you will follow the grooming technique as suggested by Jason Momoa.

Most probably, to pull off this long and unruly beard style, you have to keep it trimmed and nourished.

You can try these beard growth foods to get a full, long and healthy beard like that of Aquaman.

Though the Aquaman actor signature beard style looks unattended and lazy. Still, you can sport it likewise Jason Momoa has flaunted it.

Steps to Grow a Jason Momoa Beard Style

Jason Momoa Beard Style

Cleaning Up the Border Zone of Your Beard

First and foremost, you have to clean up the border zone of your beard. This is one of the essential steps to carry and flaunt this intentionally-looking scraggly beard.

Most certainly, you need to make a clean cut on your beard. Take care of the small details while maintaining a beard like that of an Aquaman.

Only then, your beard will get a rugged and masculine appearance. However, it will also look and appear to be a neglectful and lazy one.

Still, it is going to look hot and smart on you.

Keep Your Mustache Trimmed all Above Your Lip

Secondly, you have to keep your mustache trimmed all and completely above your lip.\Trim your neck and cheeks as well if there is any unnecessary facial hair present on them.

Furthermore, keep your beard lines all clean and also defined. Aquaman’s character has these highlights on his beard.

You can pursue and go for them as well. Besides, while maintaining and styling such a beard, you can add some color to your beard and hair.

These highlights are going to bring more texture and definition to your beard.

Beyond, let the highlights or those grown-out blond hair make a perfect looking contrast with your natural and darker hair.

Keep Your Beard Sides Shorts for Avoiding Patchiness On

Jason Momoa has advised his fans to keep their beard sides short for the sake of avoiding patchiness on their cheeks.

Only keep those beard sides short. And then you are free to grow and maintain a weighted beard on your chin.

Moreover, give a two-toned effect on your beard and hair. And make use of beard oil regularly to avoid patchiness.

If you want a beard oil that can help you in reducing the patchiness then you need to check Lab Series Grooming Oil.  It is the best beard oil for promoting beard hair growth.

Guide to Trim a Jason Momoa Beard

Jason Momoa Beard Style

Step #1

It is important for you to first line up your moustache. To copy this Jason Momoa (Aquaman) Scraggly Beard look, growing a mustache is quite important and essential.

Get a fine-tooth comb. Wahl Beard & Mustache Folding Comb is one of the best fine-tooth combs available.

Place it diagonally above your upper lip. And trim your moustache by keeping it parallel and in synchronization with the line of your mouth.

In addition, get hold of a pair of beard moustache grooming scissors.

And cut down those beard and mustache hairs which are poking and coming out of the bottom section of your comb.

Step #2

The next step to copy and sport this Jason Momoa Scraggly Beard look, it is to clean up and trim your cheek line:

Besides, place the comb completely on the diagonal zone of your cheeks. You can make use of the anchor points for the sake of getting a preferred angle.

Beyond, take hold of the trimmer. And by using it, you need to cut down or trim the hair which is present above the comb.

Thus, just give a subtle cleanup job to your beard and mustache.

Step #3

The third step to flaunt and embrace Aquaman’s beard look, it is the cleaning and trimming your neckline.

Also, use the beard scissors in order to snip at and trim anything that gets more rough scraggly and looking.

Most importantly, the person has to trim the beard hedges all along the way. So, what’s the bottom line?

Sculpt your beard into a tidy and neat shape, This is how anyone of you can sport Aquaman’s signature beard look.

Beard Care Regimen and Routine for Copying Jason Momoa Beard

Jason Momoa Beard Style

Jason Momoa’s beard growing and maintaining process is simple and quick.

Most noteworthy, this process is all about the name of drawing and making clean beard lines. As Jason has flaunted and embraced a scraggly beard.

For the reason that it will draw and attract favorable glances and not any sort of quizzical glances and stares.

However, here you can have a look at the healthy regimen and beard care routine for flaunting Aquaman signature beard look:

Cleanse Your Beard

To grow a beard likewise, you have seen in Aquaman, it all needs and requires cleansing. Most probably, you can make use of a daily cleanser to scrub your beard whiskers.

You can also use a beard wash for the beard scrubbing job.

It is recommended by Jason Momoa to avoid using and applying those products on your beard which have sulfates in them like that of sodium laureate sulfate or SLS.

You can invest your money in GIBS Beard & Hair Cleansing and moisturizing wash. This product is sulfate-free and it does not just cleanse your beard hair but it moisturizes your hair also.

Such ingredients strip all of the natural hydration from your beard skin part.

Most certainly, proper and professional cleansing beard job will keep your beard completely soft and healthy.

Thus, do the regular cleaning of your beard. And maintain a beard look exactly that of Jason Momoa in Aquaman.

Hydrate Your Beard

Hydrate Your Beard

Besides, hydrating your beard is important too.

Jason has always advised his fans and followers to hydrate their beards if they are serious to get a beard look of Aquaman’s character.

The skin which is present underneath your beard needs an extra amount of attention. Moreover, your beard needs a standard amount of moisturizer application job.

Use a beard moisturizer or beard balm which is non-comedogenic. Such a product is not going to clog your pores.

Burt’s Bees Conditioning Beard Balm is one of the best options when it comes to beard balms.

Also, that beard moisturizer should be packed with broad-spectrum SPF. Even more, you can use beard oil and run it through your beard.

This way, your beard will instantly get a healthy, nourishing result.

Comb and Brush Your Beard

Aquaman’s signature beard look needs a regular combing and brushing care routine.

However, by combing your beard, you will be able to distribute the natural oil throughout your entire beard.

Jason has suggested his fans to give proper nourishment to their beards.

No matter you have kept a long, unruly and messy beard. Still, you can keep it hot looking by using this tip.

The absence of combing and brushing part will just give split ends to your beard. It will automatically and eventually get dry and brittle.

You can buy these wooden beard combs if you want to.

Summing Up!

To summarize, just get this long, unruly and scraggly beard look and share your feedback over here.

Aquaman signature beard look is still the most popular beard style. Feel free to have it and try it on yourself as well.

Moreover, sooner we will share more beard-growing guides with you. So stay tuned.

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