How To Get Jason Statham Beard Style (Guide And Tips)

Everybody wants to look like everybody nowadays. Most of the people follow some Hollywood celebs to copy their fashion and cutting sense.

ake Jason Statham for a moment the guy worked ins some action peeked movies and he guy got love and attention when he was stared as a member of Fast and the Furious franchise.

The look, body, the dressing all was then preferred to be copied by the fans of Jason Statham.

The Fitness And Style:

Jason Statham

First, we are going to start the tips article with looks and style. Have you ever seen this guy in some raw clothing no right?

Well, that’s the key he always is dressed up and full kitted to make an impression.

This guy is one of the fittest Hollywood actors with several fighting techniques that’s why he looks so handsome.

Here is another key for you to stay fit and follow your routine every day. 

Talking about a routine, a routine of a day is the most important factor that contributes to maintaining your health same is the case with Jason Statham.

To stay fit he follows a strict schedule and routine of a day every day and you should do the same. 

At the end of this heading, I would suggest if you want to copy Jason Statham then you should follow the same schedule and routine but not at that extreme He has made his body adaptable to that kind of schedule but your body is not.

So, follow the routine and you should be health conscience as Jason but not at that extreme.

Beard And Hair Style:

Jason Statham

When it comes to hair Jason has a Balderness problem but instead of finding an alternative to his hairs he has accepted it and made it a sensational phenomenon.

Did you know he was the first Hollywood actor to rock this Balderness trend? 

Well, everybody has to start at some point.

So, if you want to copy Jason Statham and if you are going through the same problem then instead of finding an alternative you should own it and make it your style like Jason Statham did.

And when it comes to the Beard style then he has kept several styles but nowadays he is keeping his beard thin and light.

This provides his face with a more bold and affectionate look, other than that, it also reveals his face expressions and features that you were not able to see in a beard. 

So, if you want to copy the beard style well, you will not be the first one to do that.

His beard trend has been around social media for a long time and if you want to do it then you should maintain and trim your beard regularly for that affectionate look.

Fashion Sense:

Fashion sense is embedded in all the people from the start some have similar tastes in what Jason Statham would wear and some have opposite tastes in fashion but if you feel like you have the same taste then I will give you some advantageous advice to rock that Englishman look in style.

Dressing Sense:

The dressing sense of Jason Statham is obsolete as he always keeps himself dressed up in a full suit or on a regular day he wears casual fitted clothing.

First, take the suit, he wears it completely fit that gives him a persona of himself and a style to others.

Well, if you want to copy the dressing style then you should wear full suits of casual suits while you are in a formal place that is fitted to their core and expresses your boldness in them.

Coming towards the Casual dressing that is whole another topic to discuss. What does he wear? Fitted T-shirts, Leather Jackets you name it and he wore it.

But to follow that you need a special taste and ability to make any clothing good on you. If you have it then you can do it and if you don’t then you can try.


Wearing shoes is obligatory. Flip FLops and Sandals counts but not on that scale for Jason Statham.

He always wears a dress and kitted shoes to show the expression on to others.

Well, if you want to follow in his footsteps on the Footwear options then it might be of your limits as the shoes that he wears are expensive and uniquely styles. 

Either it will be handcrafted leather or some dope looking sneakers. But the shoes are obligatory for him.

With that, when you are walking around with the shoes of Jason’s concern then you might get the attention that you wanted.

Gentlemen’s Watch:

Jason Statham

What do you think that he can’t wear smartwatches that are available nowadays? With various smartwatches, the class of a gentleman is destroyed.

A perfect and ideal Gentleman wears a traditional watch such as Jason himself prefers Rolex or Tag Heuer for a starter but if you go deep in his collection then you will find names that create some excruciating watches.

These watches are either limited edition or these watches are mainly gold or diamond rested. So, exclude them from your list as you can’t buy them. 

But if you want to follow the Watch class of Jason then wear some traditional and classy looking watch.

It can be any watch of your preference but it should be classy and should give off a gentleman look.

How to Grow a Jason Statham Beard Style (Tutorial) 👇


I and most of the people know that we can’t follow his dressing and the accessories trend to become like him but all we can follow is his beard style and boldness.

When we follow these we can feel more powerful and close to him. 

Several fans of Jason Statham currently follow his beard style taking extra care of their beard to resemble Jason’s and they are doing an excellent job with that.

So if you want to follow Jason Statham my advice is to opt to copy his beard styles and his boldness.

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