How to Grow Your Beard Like King Leonidas? – Gerard Butler Beard

Here we have a kicker deal for you, we are going to tell you how to grow your beard like King Leonidas!

This Spartan beard style and love for Gerard Butler, just go hand in hand.

To begin with, if you have watched the film ”300”, then you must have noticed that the exclusive beard style portrayed and flaunted by Gerard Butler.

Furthermore, that role and character of the ‘King’ Leonidas in the movie ‘300’ acted by Gerard Butler, manages to get much famous all because of this beard look.

Moreover, lots of people got inspiration from this beard look. This beard look is exclusively and specifically given the name of ‘short boxed beard.

Even more, for this character, Gerard Butler decided and planned not to sport and go for a usual-looking full beard style.

However, he decided to carry and flaunt this short boxed style. No doubt, this beard style further empowers and intensifies his character as King Leonidas.

It is especially among the hipsters that this beard look has got lots of positive and strong appreciation.

Thus, if you want to grow and maintain this same Gerard Butler 300 beard style which is a short boxed facial hair undercut kind of style, then check out the below details:

Who is King Leonidas (Gerard Butler)?king leonidas Beard Style

Most probably, you might be aware of who is King Leonidas? It was this 300 film in which Gerard Butler played the role of this King.

No doubt, Gerard James Butler is the most popular and recognizable face so far in the Hollywood entertainment world.

He is a Scottish-born actor. Most certainly, you may have also heard that this actor has managed to grace the big screen and cinema world for over two decades.

Besides, it has garnered and gathered a bunch amount of wide praise and acclaim.

Beyond, Butler rose to fame by giving the best and most brilliant performance in Andrew Lloyd’s Weber musical named The Phantom of the Opera in the year 2013.

This film ”300” is one of the most highly praised and instrumental films so far in the Butler’s career. It kickstarted the career of Gerard Butler.

Most noteworthy, he is mostly and ever lastly remembered for his character as King Leonidas in this epic and blockbuster movie 300.

You might be wondering who is King Leonidas, note down that King Leonidas (c. 530-480 B.C.) was a famous and legendary king of the city-state of Sparta.

He fought at the Battle of Thermopylae and this battle was made against the Persian army in the time of 480 B.C.

So, this role as in the form of a legendary king of Sparta was embraced and played by Butler.

It was this Gerard Butler style that made him look like a charismatic and legendary Spartan King Leonidas.

Gerard Butler’s Casual Beard StyleGerard Butler’s Beard Style

If you are wondering what is the casual beard style opted by this actor!

It is this medium to full beard look which he loves to embrace in his casual days.

He is one of the irresistible-looking actors in terms of his charming looks and signature style statements.

Besides, he has embraced and opted for a long and full beard style in his film 300.

This beard look became his trademark. However, his casual style off-screen is primarily and specifically medium to a full beard style.

It is his beard that accentuates and enhances his masculine looks. Thus, all of his beard looks and beard styles have made him an instant heartthrob.

Famous Beard Style of King Leonidasking leonidas Beard Style

Gerard Butler’s role as King Leonidas was just amazing and outstanding in every single possible way and angle.

He managed to look damn amazing and intensifying in that character.

Want to know the best part about King Leonidas’ character? It was this Butler’s beard!

His fans fall in love with his perfectly trimmed and shaped beard look. It is this thick beard that he embraced.

Or you can call it a short boxed beard. Moreover, this 300 beard style has become so famous that lots of people are copying it.

Even more, to carry this beard look, you need to opt for an undercut hairstyle as well. This is how this exclusive beard style is going to suit you perfectly.

Now, here’s the deal for you which is more exciting.

Below we are going to tell you a guide as to how to grow, maintain and style a beard like that of King Leonidas.

Check out the beard styling and grooming secrets that are revealed below for you.

Steps to Grow A Beard Like King Leonidasking leonidas Beard

To grow a Spartan beard likewise Gerard Butler has maintained and styled in ”300” films, is quite simple and easy.

This Leonidas beard look comprises a few of the easy steps. And then you are good to go to flaunt this beard look:

Step #1

Firstly, it is important for you to grow your facial hair on extensive notes. It is for at least 6 to 8 weeks time frame that you should let you’re facial grow more and more.

So if you want to grow your hair then I will recommend you to use Lab Series Grooming Oil which is one of the best beard oil on the market.

Most importantly, during this time frame, you should not trim your beard at any cost.

Step #2

As soon as you start to notice that you are getting and acquiring a full-length beard. Then, take this as a hint that you have to move yourself to start styling the 300 beard look.

Moreover, you should make use of the beard trimmer in order to perfectly style this beard. In addition, you have to shape the side sections of your face.

And give them a square shape or the short boxed style. Philips Norelco Multigroomer is one of the best options when it comes to beard trimmers.

Step #3

Lastly, apply beard oil to further enhance this beard look. This is the exclusive beard style that states and symbolizes an aura of confidence.

No doubt this beard look is the name of unmistakable masculinity. So, do apply high-quality beard oil in order to achieve enhanced and uniform beard growth.

Styling Your Beard like Gerard Butler AKA King Leonidas

Below we are going to explain to you a few of the important styling tips so that you can easily flaunt this Leonidas beard style.

Using a Beard Shaping ToolBeard Shaping Tool

To get the beard look likewise Butler has embraced in this film, then it is firstly important for you to get a beard shaping tool for yourself.

If you want the best beard shaping tool then you must need to check Cut Buddy Shaping & Styling Tool.

By using this tool, you can easily and conveniently shape the side sections of your beard.

This King Leonidas beard style is all about shaping the lines of your beard. And this is what you need to accomplish!

Moreover, using a beard shaping tool shall help you in attaining and acquiring perfect symmetry.

Using a Beard TrimmerBeard Trimmer

It is also assumed that Gerard Butler may have gone and opted for beard trimmer usage as well.

Moreover, it is perceived that the King Leonidas beard style can be achieved if you are going to make the proper use of beard trimmers or beard scissors.

These tools will help you to streamline the side sections of your sideburns.

Want to know the best part about this 300 Gerard Butler beard look, it comprises and contains a Chevron mustache as well.

Creating a Perfect Neckline to Pull off this Gerard Butler beard styleGerard Butler beard style

Most importantly, you have to create a perfect neckline so that you can pull off this beard look flawlessly.

However, you can make use of a beard trimmer in order to design and streamline your neckline. Moreover, avoid trimming your neckline too high.

By doing so, your King Leonidas beard look will fail to look manly.

Using the Best Beard Shampoo to Make Spartan Beard More Glorious LookingBeard Shampoo to Make Spartan Beard More Glorious Looking

Finally, Gerard Butler beard look can be achieved, retained, and maintained by you if you will use a specialized and high-quality beard shampoo and moisturizer.

To make this Spartan beard glorious looking, do wash it regularly with some specialized shampoo.

It is time and again said that keeping a short boxed beard needs and require clean and healthy beard facial hair.

Thus, this is what is required and needed from you as well. Even more, use beard oils to give more nourishment to your Butler signature beard look.

Summing Up!

To summarize, this is how anyone of you can flaunt this King Leonidas beard style. If Gerard Butler can carry such a short boxed beard with extreme grace then why can’t you?

Furthermore, keeping such a beard is going to improve and enhance your masculine features as well. However, maintaining this Gerard Butler 300 look requires lots of patience as well.

As we have stated above that you need to first grow a full thick beard for at least 8 weeks time frame.

Thus, this is only how you can pull off, embrace and flaunt this Spartan beard look,

What’s the bottom line? This is a great-looking beard style, do carry and copy it and share your experience with us.

Just get the right tools and follow the styling and maintenance routine on strict terms and conditions.

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