How To Have a Lovie Smith Beard Style? (Complete Guide)

Lovie Lee Smith is an American-born American Football Coach who served as a head coach of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Fighting Illini.

During his high school, he was a defensive end and linebacker for which he earned all-state honors.

Now is he serves as a coach but also his look inspires some the people. Especially the bushy gray beard.

The Beard Style Of Jim Morrison:

Beard Style Of Jim Morrison

Laidback Thick Beard:

Finally, we have a laidback thick beard. This style is for those who like a big and bushy beard.

This type of beard doesn’t require any trimming whatsoever. It is similar to the Lumberjack beard. 

Well, if I want to be creative, you can trim it to even from all sides by using a pair of good beard-cutting scissors such as Badass Barber Quality Beard Shaping Scissors

Otherwise, you can let it grow. Now growing a beard is comfortable, and if you have to be very patient, to grow thicker, it needs a whole other process.

Some people have natural thick facial hair, but there are others who don’t have thicker.

So to grow thicker hair and to look sexy, you need these steps as follows.

These steps I have mentioned early, but I want to go through them again:

How To Start Growing Your Beard?

Start Growing Your Beard

To achieve Lovie Smith’s full beard and get some attention, you need to follow the tips.

They might take some time and requires a lot of patience.

1-Skin Cleansing Routine:

Skin Cleansing Routine

  • Do not stop scrubbing your skin. The best is to manage and find the scrubbing routine that best suits you to grow your beard.
  • Make sure to clean your skin by washing it with warm water after waking up and going to bed.

2-Moisturing Your Skin:

  • It is necessary to moisture your skin by using beard oil or cream.
  • It avoids having an itch, dandruff, preventing it from any discomfort, and the patchy beard.
  • They will make your beard glossy and cushioning soft.



So when you are in the process of growing bread, you need not trim your beard with a pair of scissors until it reaches the desired length.

Now once you achieved that length then you can cut it like Jim Morrison’s beard in the following way:

  • Start trimming the beard from the neckline and sideburns.
  • Second, try trimming the beard in the chin area to give that pointy look in the middle. It would help if you were very cautious when cutting your beard as a slight mistake can ruin your effort.
  • Shorten the mustaches.

4-Healthy living:

  • Healthy eating also affects the growth of one’s beard. You need to make sure that you are consuming a fair amount of proteins.
  • Exercise also helps in the growth of a beard as it improves your blood circulation.

5-Apply Dye:

Apply Dye

Applying Dye is optional. I just included those who wanted to bring the new theme into their beard.

  • So once you have achieved the beard, you can dye it if you want to. It is entirely up to you.
  • So the way to apply the Dye is to go in an upward and downward motion. It would help if you dyed only the desired area. 


  • Like hair, it is necessary to comb your beard regularly to make it look even and gorgeous. Otherwise, it may get tangled and ruin your appearance.
  • Make sure you only use combs that are specifically made for the beard. You can go for Kent Set Men’s Hair Pocket Comb as it comes in a pack of 3 different styled combs that work perfectly for detangling and brushing your beard hair.

Tools Needed To Maintain The Scruff:


Some items worth buying when maintaining then precious beard are a transparent beard liner, a wooden beard comb, and natural beard shampoo.

Some beard liner or shaper offers a three-in-one template for beard, sideburns, and neck.

It would help if you spent some time looking at this feature to provide what you are looking for. The next big thing that you should have is the beard comb.

Trying a metal or wood comb as they are the best. Either way, it is okay.

Just make sure the comb’s teeth have the right gap in between them so that they can go through all the hairs of the beard without being too separated.

You can also do with your beard to make it smooth and healthy by applying beard oil.

They will not only smooth your skin but also moisturizes your skin as that was it grows.

Eating healthy food will provide a significant amount of protein to the beard, which will help it grow thicker and better.

Doing some exercise increases the flow of blood circulation, which is good for growing beards.

An activity that you must that boost your beard faster is cardio, running, and even dancing.

You can do other exercises as well as long you make a habit of it.

Managing stress is a keyframe when it comes to your beard. To reduce or overcome your anxiety, do meditation. They will lower your pressure.


I have provided you with the best guide to growing a beard as Lovie Smith.

The keyframe to achieving the bushy beard is exercising as it increases blood circulation.

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