Monkey Tail Beard – Have You Tried It?

Nowadays people are going towards craziness and not just going they are applying it just like this new beard style.

Which is getting really strong and famous in the men’s world. Who thought a wack style like this will be in the air and will find fame.

So if you still have no clue of what we are talking about or which style is just racking the whole beard industry then we should tell you.

The beard style that we are talking about is called the Monkey Tail Beard style and people are trying this style like crazy and giving a pose that shows the signs that they loved this beard style.

We do not know if you have applied it on your face or not but we would say this beard style should be applied at least one time so people understand craziness is also a cool thing.

If you see this and you will realize that a monkey has just slapped you with its tail and leaves it there to give you a tingle on your upper lip. It is totally similar to the monkey’s tail as it starts with one sideburn and then extends.

It to your beard that wraps around to your upper lip by giving it a curl that looks exactly like a monkey tail curl.

At first glance someone who does not know, you will think that you have an accident or some problem with your beard but after two or three glances he or she will surely understand that this is a style and a pretty hilarious one

If you are thinking of making your friends and family laugh or you want to make your personality noticed then this beard is best for you as this monkey tail beard will fail to get noticed. 

If you want to learn how to groom this beard style then we have arranged your instructions for that and it will definitely help make the perfect monkey tail beard.

How To Style And Groom It?

Monkey Tail Beard

The styling and grooming of this beard style are really simple. You will need some tools to make this type of beard and you will need some perfect tools that we will tell you below in our article.

You just have put your effort into making this beard look like the monkey tail but if you did not do as we told you then you might end up with a shaving mishap.

If you want to master this beard style and do not want to ruin your beard style you will need help with these things.

  • Beard comb
  • Electric trimmer and razor
  • A moustache, beard and sideburns

So let’s start with the instructions that you have to follow to put this beard to work.

  1. First, you will need a full face of facial hair, normally the people who go for this look have to let their beard grow to a medium or a full-length beard. But those people also try to have a whisker of hair on their faces. If you are thinking of the length of your beard then it is your personal choice as we recommend a full-length beard. 
  2. After that, you should untangle every beard knot in your beard by using the beard comb to get a proper cut of your beard because if the hair strand lays flat then it is easier to cut. You should invest in a high-quality beard comb, like Kent Set Men’s Hair Pocket Combs for this to work because it can make a big difference while cutting your own hair as these combs are made to be anti-static
  3. Now we will just get right to the shaving part. First, start with your jawline and start shaving every hair below your jawline with the help of an electric razor. Only a good electric razor is going to provide you with your desired look so invest your valuable money in Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 7 as it is one of the best electric razors available. Make sure to get a clean edge just bottom of your jawline as this will be the bottom of your monkey tail. If you want a truly precise line then you can use your trimmer part of an electric razor to make a horizontal edge of your monkey tail beard
  4. After that, you should decide which sideburn you want to eliminate. You can decide by the hair on your sideburn if one side has more hair than the other than it will be best for you monkey tail otherwise you can choose by your own self which side will be best for your monkey tail selfies. 
  5. After that, shave the sideburn that you have decided to eliminated and shave the hair beyond the point where your moustache extends
  6. After that, shave all the hair under your bottom lip, get rid of your soul patch if you have any and use the trimmer to make a crisp edge. Make sure that the hair that you leave behind should be thick as your sideburns. You will also want to shave the small gap which is between your moustache and your beard which is on your same side of your single sideburn. This step will help you with the tail of your monkey beard as it wraps around your jaw and then curls around towards your moustache and then end it on your moustache
  7. In the end, clean up all the edges so the tail should look more like a tail. You would also need to adjust the thickness of your sideburns to match the hair below your chin if you have accidentally shaved more hair than the below hair of your chin. If you round out your sideburns where they meet your jaw, it can also help you create a tail. You should be really careful with this step as this is the main part and where all the magic happens.

If you need any help you can just watch a video as well so just to be clear that you are going in the right direction.

Should You Go With This Beard?  

Monkey Tail Beard

It is your own choice if you want to go with this beard as you can see if your personality suits this type of beard or not.

If you are curious to know what this style will look like on your face and how the world will react then why don’t you just give it a try?

This beard style is easy to create and this is the best part of this beard.

All you have to do is to shave off your extra sideburn and should add a gap on the other side of your beard to make the mustache and a goatee.

Many people do not like this look and some people love to have this look but one thing is for sure this beard style is extremely an attention catcher.


We hope that the instructions that we have told you will help you build this magical attention catcher beard and will be loved by your close friends.

If you have any queries regarding the article or any other stuff regarding beard styles then feel free to comment in our comment section we will love to answer all your queries. 

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