How to Have a Rick Grimes Beard Style? (Step By Step Guide)

Rick Grimes Is a fictional character which has portrayed by Andrew James Clutterbuck, a renowned actor.

As you have guessed, he is famous for Rick Grimes in The Walking dead. He was nominated and won several awards.

This British actor starred in several British Television series such as The Woman In White, Wuthering heights, and, most notably, Teachers.

The thing that got famous worldwide, especially in the United States, was when he played Mark’sMark’s role in 2003’s Love. He got so much recognition in the United States. 

Due to his role as Mark, he got nominated two times but frankly didn’t win.

He didn’t have a significant role until April of 2010 when he was cast as Rick Grimes in the horror series The Walking Dead. 

This portrayal has made him famous. The acting skills that showed were outstanding, and as a result, he has won five awards for his role and was nominated ten more times.

Style And Facial Hair Style:

 Andrew Lincoln has two different personalities. One when he is on the red carpet and when he is out and in his everyday life.

When it comes to his style, it is entirely a different story—sharp suits alongside his beautiful wife on the red carpet.

Not only the role of Rick Grimes but the character look also inspired many fans around the globe.

You have occasionally seen him with worn jeans, rolled up sleeves with a dirty button-down, and a utility belt to hold his gun. 

Well, apart from that his facial hair is the key player in his style. Sometimes he will shock his fans when he clean-shaves it and walks down the red carpet. But when it comes to Rick Grimes, that beard pops out.

The thing about celebrities is that they inspire many fans. No matter how, they may be inspired by their acting skills, personality, or other stuff.

So today we are going to discuss one of the topics and is how to grow a beard like Andrew Lincoln’s.

How To Grow Beard As Great As Rick Grimes a.k.a Andrew Lincoln:

Beard As Great As Rick Grimes a.k.a Andrew Lincoln

His beard was made famous through his role as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead.

When it comes to growing a beard faster and thicker, there are numerous ways to do it.

But the most effective way for growing your beard faster and thicker is by using a high-quality, genuine beard growth hair oil. There are lots of beard growth oils available but nothing works better than Arlo’s Pro-growth Beard Oil. It is tried and tested and works perfectly fine.

The critical point to remember is the four-week rule. This rule will end, making your beard thicker.

Around three weeks marks the beard grown can cause an itch. So here you will to self-control and avoid trimming or shaving.

There will be a moment when itching becomes strong. What should you do to prevent it from itching?

The use of beard oil, apply to the area where it itches you. They will moisturize your skin underneath to soothe the itch.

Now once you reach that four weeks mark, here is where you have to make a choice.

Either continue to grow the bread freely or shape the beard as it grows. It is up to you.

Letting it grow will give it a rough look while shaping it will provide a more smooth look.

At this point, not all beard requires grooming or the best kits.

Grooming And Styling Tips:

Grooming And Styling Tips122

Many famous people and celebrities are known for their long lumberjack beards, but no Andrew Lincoln. His salt and pepper tone, gray tone beard has a whole new stage.

If you have reached the four-week point and are willing to have a beard like Andrew Lincoln’s, grooming is required.

So Lincoln keeps his beard trim and clean with a perfect balance. 

He usually has a mustache that is connected with the beard and the sideburns. You will need to trim all of these areas to attain this look. In order to get the exact same look you will need a perfect beard trimmer. You can buy the one you like but according to personal and professional recommendation Philips Norelco Multigroomer Beard Trimmer is the best and current favorite of many people. 

One thing that is appealing is the gray shade. You can buy the dye from any store, and if you are familiar with the dying, don’t worry. It comes with a guide. 

Once you have achieved all of this, it is time for phase two to maintain the scruff.

Tools Needed To Maintain The Scruff:

Tools Needed To Maintain The Scruff1

Some items worth buying when maintaining then precious beard are a transparent beard liner, a wooden beard comb, and natural beard shampoo like Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo. It is all natural, and it deep cleanses the beard leaving it with a soft and smooth feel. 

Some beard liner or shaper offers a three in one template for beard, sideburns, and neck.

It would help if you spent some time looking at this feature to provide what you are looking for.

The next big thing that you should have is the beard comb. Trying by a metal or wood comb as they are the best.

Either way, it is okay. Just make sure the comb’s teeth have the right gap in between them so that it can go through all the hairs of the beard without being too separated.

You can also do with your beard to make it smooth and healthy by applying beard oil.

They will not only smooth your skin but also moisturizes your skin as that was it grows.

Eating healthy food will provide a tremendous amount of protein to the beard, which will help it grow thicker and better.

Doing some exercise increases the flow of blood circulation, which good for growing beards.

An activity that you must that boost your beard faster is cardio, running, and even dancing.

You can do other exercises as well as long you make a habit of it.

Managing stress is a keyframe when it comes to your beard. To reduce or overcome your anxiety, do meditation. They will lower your pressure.


A growing beard requires a lot of patient and maintenance. So these were the guides of how you can grow your beard like the famous Andrew Lincoln.

You need to follow each step that I have mentioned above. So go now and do the four-week mark challenge and become the next Rick Grimes.

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