The Short Boxed Beard Style: How to Shave, Guide, Examples

The limited duration and precisely specified contours, which are produced through daily trimming, are identifiable. The short boxed mustache reflects the facial hair of the sports team player.

If appropriate, you will lead the way, you face an obstacle and it is vital to the ultimate success of the team. Let the others get the emphasis, that one shows up overnight and does the work.

In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the short boxed beards style and examples that will help you in adopting this type of beard,

What Is Boxed Beard Style?

Boxed beards are precisely trimmed and sculpted for the normal development of the scalp.

There are various explanations for why a boxed beard is preferred for a full beard. This is not only portable but is also ideal for most workplaces.

The successful finish helps the consumer to transition to more careful and complicated configurations.

Boxed styles often utilize the normal hairlines of the face for contours which improve the facial characteristics of the wearer by utilizing unnecessary shaping.

The low cheek line shows and heightens the cheekbones, which highlights them.

The jawline is emphasized with a touch of thickness. Nevertheless, decreased style does not indicate decreased grooming.

How To Grow This Beard Style?

It is super easy to grow a boxed beard style. You need to grow your facial hair for about two weeks but for a better result, you can grow it for about four weeks, and then it is trimmed down.

Boxed beards need advanced awareness of determining the cheek and necklines.

But the Boxed Beards are differentiated from their more full equivalents by the fact that all of them are substantially popular.

In this type of beard style, the cheek line extends the Sideburns down and twists at the neck bottom.

In comparison, the cheek line typically sits beneath the ears on short boxed beards and reaches the top of the chin.

Moreover, the neckline of the short boxed beard is higher than full beards.

The facial hair is trimmed by half an inch from below the jaw and parallel to the cheek line.

Under the chin, it is stretched by 1-1.5 inches (2.5 – 3.5 cm) to avoid a double chin from appearing.

In addition to this, strong contours and well-defined lines are typically present for the short boxed form.

Meanwhile, longer boxed beards are often closely trimmed but prefer the natural appearance of the face.

These choices are perfect if you choose to try different facial hairstyles.

How To Trim Boxed Beard Style?

The Best Way To Trim Every Beard Length

It is super easy to trim your beard if you have the right equipment and tools.

We have selected some effective trimming components for you so that you can style your beard easily, such as

  • Beard trimmer 
  • Safety razor or shavette
  • Beard balm
  • Beard brush

Moreover here are a few tips that will help you in trimming your beard more effectively,

  • Firstly, you need to reduce the height of the cheek lines with the help of a razor while leaving the sideburns quite wide.
  • Then the sideburns need to be contoured by defining sloping contours of the sideburn to the cheek line
  • Remove the facial hair from the Adam’s apple
  • Next, you need to define an oval contour along with a razor for about 1-1.5 inches from below the jaw and shave the remaining from the neck
  • Lastly, you need to clean the mustaches and soul patches by trimming or shaving them.

Do not assume flawless performance because this is the first time shaving a Boxed Beard.

Yet with limited practice, the abilities can change significantly. You may have noted also that both a shavette and a safety razor have been recommended.

While a safety razor is simpler to use, they look like straight shavettes with single blades. And thanks to a clear edge, you benefit from enhanced accuracy.

If you still fail to get good results, the first trim is handled by a professional. Barber’s contact has the benefit that he or she will test the barb from any point to render a professional end.

If you are trying to get good results, a professional can allow the first cut.

The benefit of contact with a barber is that he or she will test the barb from all points for an expert finish.

When the hair grows back, preserving and changing the contours of the barb becomes even smoother.

Why Choose A Short Boxed Beard?

Top 5 Short Beard Styles For Modern Gentlemen

This type of facial hairstyle is ideal if you are an employee and work in a well-known organization because this type of beard will give you a handsome dapper look!

You want a whole beard’s roughness and how you feel like it, however, you like it to be neat and tidy. Some do it, too, because this is not something you are resistant to.

Is It Suitable For All Types Of Faces?

The short boxed beard will complement the lower half of the face, whether you have an angled or heart-shaped face. And, it provides straight lines and difficult angles whether you have a round or oval face.

But be sure to wear one with a square face – the face can look bulky underneath it.


Beard Care: Shaving Tips & Tricks | Eminence Organic Skin Care

  1. Firstly, rub the cheekbones and other bone structures away from the less prominent regions of the cheeks.
  2. To build a boundary from your sideburn (using the normal limits of your beard development as a guide) to your mustache, use a good quality trimmer. Do it to the opposite side of your neck when you try to keep your hair to the line.
  3. Let your beard expand under your jawbone about one to two inches until you build the bottom line. Cutting your hair around the bottom will allow you to appear very normal. Using the trimmer for duration and boundaries two or three days a week.

How To Achieve This Look?

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So you must be wondering after all the factors related to short boxed beard, how to achieve this look? So here are a few steps that will help you get this dapper look easily and quickly

  • First, you need to take a good quality trimmer that will be the key to this look! Then you need to trim the right length of your facial hair. You can go for the Wahl Professional Beard Trimmer as it is great for providing you with a professional quality look.
  • Then even out with the trimmer the beard hair thick. Before shaving, tug and pull hair will help reduce tug and pull and avoid clogged blades.
  • Make sure that you remove the trimmers comb attachment and trim it in such a way that will give it the shape of a short boxed beard! If you want the perfect look then make sure that you keep the hair off your neck and cheeks short!
  • And most importantly try not to trim your beard too much as it will spoil the even look very easily.
  • After that wash your face with warm water to hydrate the skin as this will help in styling the beard more effectively and then start shaving. Take the shave gel and apply it to the area of the face which you want to shave and shave it gently. Using a shaving gel will enable you from rashes and irritation. Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel is one of the best shaving gels for men. 
  • Next, you need to attach the razor and start shaving the facial hair very gently so that you don’t have to face severe cuts!
  • While you use a razor make sure that you keep on washing the blades as it will help to prevent the bacteria from the blades and will help them to last longer and be rust-free. Moreover, this process will also help in effective performance!
  • In the end, when you’re done with all the shaving and trimming don’t forget to wash your face with cool water and dry your face with a towel. For better results apply after shaving cream or lotion as this will enhance the look and is good for your skin as it will keep it hydrating.

In addition to this, face styles such as Diamond will have a small cheek line to reveal strong features or a wide one to soften.

But be cautious not to go too far, as this causes a cheek impression.

Low cheek lines. We recommend in general for diamond faces a natural beard looking to keep their characteristics from chiseling. 

Boxed beards can be used to chisel off the features of the Oblong face shapes that enlarge, square, and shorten the face. In fact, a short beard style box would be a good way to avoid too much length and to add texture.


Having said that, the guide for the short boxed beard came to an end.

We hope that this was beneficial background information for you as we tried our best to bring up the best we can.

But in the end, the choice is yours as it all depends on your needs and what you look up to. Try this dapper look and feel like a handsome hunk!

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