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"I really like the oil, I have sensitive skin and this has not irritated it and actually it calms my skin. Scent is great, it lasts long, and I actually gotten compliments on my 'cologne' (which I know id the beard oil). I used this first and then the balm in the same scent. I also really like the design of their bottle and I have already ordered 5 more oils."
John Martin
"This is the 2nd time I have bought an oil from The Kingsman Beard , and I'm going to drop my 5 stars! Although the combination sounds really weird in the description, I've been surprised both times. Smells really nice and feels really great after the use."
Alex Rauenzahn
Alex Rauenzahn

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Our products are our own originals, made from quality materials only. They are some of the best out there, and how much we believe in them, see our guarantee.



If you’re unhappy with our products at any time, ever, as long as they’re not broken or emptied, you can return them free of charge.

About The Kingsman Beard

We are men and women of beards and beardedness, who care about their beards but don’t like to show them.

It hurts us to see that beards, the hair that makes a man the man, goes so undervalued in the world, so we bend our backs and take on a load of information dissemination, and whatever else we can. For the love of beard.

So far, we have one of the top blogs on bearding online, and a small, high-quality selection of products.

We feel like we are for centuries in the beard world. With more than 300 heavy-value articles written. With hundreds of thousands of fans, readers, subscribers. With products sold in almost every country on the planet.

Yet, we can’t be more humble. Our adventure is only starting, and we are learning more about beards each day. Let’s see how far, with your support, we can come.


Wow, that’s more than 250,000 people from all around the world who recognize our expertise in beard care, spreading the word and sharing more than 300 helpful articles. Thank you from the bottom of our beards.