7 Best Woody Cologne For Men’s in 2022

While a citrusy or spicy cologne has a lot of personalities, the best woody cologne for men tends to lack depth and warmth.

These scents, like the soil itself, are complex and full of natural sensuality.

It is well-known that the woody component, in particular, produces ecstatic waves of hot pheromones and hence evokes ageless masculinity.

Donning any one of these earthy and woody colognes or fragrances is sure to get the attention of the women.

The best fragrance for guys is often considered to have a woody scent.

Best Woody Cologne – Quick Summary:

Tom Ford Oud Wood

Tom Ford Oud Wood

  • Brand: Tom Ford
  • Scent: Amber Wood
  • Item Form: Spray
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English Leather by Dana

English Leather by Dana

  • Brand: Dana
  • Scent: Eau De Toilette
  • Item Form: Spray
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Cowboy by Tru Western

Cowboy by Tru Western

  • Brand: Tru Fragrance and Beauty
  • Scent: Leather, Sage
  • Item Form: Spray
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Patrick by Inis the Energy of the Sea

Patrick by Inis the Energy of the Sea

  • Brand: Inis the Energy of the Sea
  • Scent: Fresh
  • Item Form: Spray
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Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

  • Brand: Gucci
  • Scent: Guilty, Gucci
  • Item Form: Spray
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Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood

Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood

  • Brand: Yves Saint Laurent
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 500 Grams
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Lalique Encre Noire

Lalique Encre Noire

  • Brand: Vetrarian
  • Scent: Aromatic fragrance
  • Item Form: Spray
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7 Best Woody Cologne Reviews:

1. Tom Ford Oud Wood – Editor’s Choice

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There’s a strong chance you’ve heard of Tom Ford unless you’ve been living under a rock.

To begin, a Tom Ford Eau de parfum comes in a 50ml container that looks and smells like a high-end perfume, as expected .

The mahogany color of the bottle and the curvature of the lid make it resemble a tree, both in form and in appearance.

The smell of this perfume is dominated by woody elements, which is to be expected.

This is then followed by a heavy dosage of oud, which is not unexpected at all.

Finally, there are a wide variety of additional aromas, ranging from spicy and fragrant to savory and sweet.

The aquaria tree’s agarwood, which is often used in men’s cologne, goes by the name of oud, just to be clear.

Vanilla and tonka bean, as well as cardamom and Sichuan pepper, contribute to the cologne’s overall sweetness and spiciness, respectively.


  • This is a high-end designer cologne.
  • Comes in a classy container.
  • Has a woody scent that’s highly complex.
  • The oud adds depth to the cologne’s overall character.


  • Pricey.


Finally, you’ll have a delightfully nuanced scent that will please your sense of smell and earn you many praises.

As a reminder, this isn’t an inexpensive scent, and you’ll need to pony up the dough for a more refined fragrance if you want to wear this one.

2. English Leather by Dana – Best Premium

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For those of you who are wondering why English Leather is on our list of the greatest woody fragrance, we’ve got some answers for you.

Leather isn’t the only thing this scent has to offer.

Berries like lemon and orange dominate the English Leather fragrance’s top notes, but they’re rounded off by the herbal notes of lavender and rosemary.

As for the scent’s body, there are the sweet notes of honey and the flowery notes of rose and iris, which create a lovely aroma.

When it comes to cologne’s foundation, all of these notes contribute to the scent’s depth and make it feel more full.

Of course, leather and cedarwood are also usually associated with men’s fragrances.

The wood and leather take center stage in this cologne’s bouquet, which puts them front and center.

Tonka bean, vetiver, and musk all contribute to the fragrance’s overall richness and depth.


  • Includes notes of bergamot, leather, and cedarwood.
  • Made in England.
  • Sweet notes of honey and the flower.


  • None.


Cedar, one of the most popular woodsy notes, plus a slew of other delightful and delicious fragrances round out the flavor profile.

The cologne is packaged in a rectangular bottle with a circular screw-on cover that holds 8 fluid ounces.

Its honey-like scent is evident in its deep amber hue, which also hints at its richness.

3. Cowboy by Tru Western – Best Budget

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Cowboy by Tru Western is a great cologne if you’re searching for something a bit unusual, something with a robust aroma that will make a lasting impact on people you meet.

The smoky saloons, the leather boots, and the wild outdoors are all part of this cologne’s cowboy theme.

The 3.4oz bottle of this cologne is as robust as you’d expect for a scent with such a moniker.

The woody, spicy, and earthy aroma of the tough Cowboy is housed in a sturdy bottle.

This perfume comes with a bonus : Tru Western will give $1 to a Western-focused organization for every bottle purchased.

Cowboy by Tru Western takes you on a trip via its top, middle, and base notes, as any excellent cologne should.

Juniper berries and fresh moss kick off the experience, followed by spices like black pepper and sage, before mahogany wood takes center stage.


  • The woody, spicy, and earthy aroma.
  • Includes fresh moss and juniper.
  • Affordable.


  • None.


This fragrance is anchored by the woody aroma of mahogany, which offers the scent a characteristic woodsy flavor.

It’s a terrific daily perfume that portrays the passion and adventure of the cowboy lifestyle.

Tru Fragrance’s Cowboy is a terrific choice for folks who like the vast outdoors and have a wild or adventurous attitude.

4. Patrick by Inis the Energy of the Sea – Best Warm Note

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Inis the Energy of the Sea’s Patrick, an Irish-themed cologne, is our top pick for a warming woody cologne.

When you think about woodsy colognes, you may conjure up thoughts of cozy log cabins with burning fireplaces in your head.

The burning of wood creates a smoky, woodsy aroma that may be found in many colognes.

It’s a formula for an intriguing perfume when you combine elements that bring out and emphasize the wood’s warming essence. Patrick is a master at it.

Patchouli’s earthy but flaming scent comes from the blend of fern, pine, oakmoss, and patchouli.

The fern, pine, and oakmoss provide fresh green notes, which are then perfectly balanced by the patchouli.


  • Fragranced with oakmoss and patchouli ferns.
  • It’s hard to find a better woodsy fragrance with a warming character than this one.


  • None.


Patchouli is recognized for its spiciness, and it works well with woody scents to counteract them.

This Irish perfume evokes images of thick woodlands and verdant fields because of its Celtic origins.

When you purchase this cologne, you’ll also get a bottle and box decorated in the style of the Book of Kells, a priceless work of Celtic art.

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5. Gucci Guilty Pour Homme – Best Citrusy Scent

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It’s hard to argue with Gucci’s Guilty Pour Homme cologne, which we consider the greatest of the citrus-woody smells.

To get a smell that has the characteristic deep woody aroma, but is also stimulating with citrus notes, Guilty is a good choice.

An aromatic blend of Virginia cedarwood, spicy patchouli, and relaxing vanilla forms the foundation of this fragrance.

However, it’s the fragrance’s top and middle notes that truly grab the attention of onlookers.

You’ll get a whiff of Amalfi lemon and lavender as soon as you inhale this perfume, which will give you the impression that you’re strolling through an aromatic woodland in Sicily.


  • Consists of African orange blossom and Amalfi lemon.
  • Invigorating citrus notes liven up the traditional woody aroma of Gucci Guilty.
  • A night out on the town is a perfect use for this.


  • None.


The heart or body of the cologne is made up of African orange blossom, which is the primary middle note.

These smells combine to create a refreshing sensation that captures the spirit of nature while also including a wild, flowery edge to make you feel like you’re on an adventure in the wilderness.

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6. Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood – Best Floral

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Yves Saint Laurent’s Splendid Wood is our top selection for the greatest woody floral perfume.

The ethereal quality of this scent will appeal to everyone who enjoys the tranquility of a walk through a flower garden or woodland.

The base note of agarwood (oud) sets the stage for a floral-spicy combination that lingers on the tongue.


  • Rose, jasmine, and agarwood are all included in this fragrance.
  • Splendid Wood is a mysterious smell for men that transports you to an ancient forest.
  • It is perfect for all formal parties and special occasions.


  • Pricey.


There is an intense aroma, a flowery scent of rose and jasmine, and a touch of cardamom that provides a sense of spice to this perfume’s scent.

Cologne for special events, like dates with your significant other or a fancy supper.

7. Lalique Encre Noire – Best Woody Cologne

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This perfume by Lalique is a fantastic option for those who want to stick to one or two smells rather than try out a lot of various ones.

Due to its lack of adolescence, this perfume was chosen as the greatest woody cologne on the market.

Because cypress is the only top note, this perfume immediately evokes images of woodlands and mosses.

As the perfume progresses, the smoky and dusty character of the vetiver is added, until the major base notes of cashmere wood and musk are included, which complete the bouquet.


  • Cypress, vetiver, and cashmere wood are all included in this blend.
  • The smoky and dusty character.
  • Long-lasting.


  • None.


None of the components in this fragrance are unusual or spicy.

The strong earthy and woody tones of Encre Noire are a huge draw for many guys, which may seem strange given the cologne’s unique name.

Choosing The Best Woodsy Cologne – Buyer’s Guide :

Best Woodsy Cologne

A few things are worth keeping in mind while looking for the right woodsy cologne for your needs.

Among them are the greatest woody elements and the notes in a cologne that we’ll discuss presently.

Even though a cologne’s aroma is mostly a matter of personal preference, the difference between a well-made and a poorly-made one is substantial.

So it’s worth your time to consider your preferences.

1. The Finest Components:

If you want a woodsy cologne that stands out from the crowd, you’ll need to know what the ideal components are for making it.

To get the most out of your woodsy notes, consider what you’re hoping to achieve with each one before adding it to your cologne.

Is earthy and deep in flavor what you seek? Or how about something a bit spicier and cozier?

2. Sandalwood:

When it comes to the world of scents, sandalwood is a popular choice, and it’s not only because of its pleasant aroma.

In contrast to what you may expect from a traditional woodsy perfume, sandalwood has an unusual aroma.

Sandalwood has a rich and comforting scent that deviates from the conventional woody warmth in favor of more exotic, sweeter notes.

After smelling sandalwood for the first time, you’ll never forget it.

The fact that it comes from India makes it a particularly sought-after component for colognes.

For centuries, the sandalwood tree has held onto its deep perfume, which comes from the Santalum genus of trees.

It’s also one of the most costly timbers on the market, in part because it may take up to 15 years for it to mature .

The longer the tree lives, the more oil it produces, so if you want to get the most out of your investment, wait as long as possible before harvesting.

Many floral smells go well with sandalwood, so if you find a cologne that has notes of orange blossom or jasmine, you know it’s going to smell amazing.

3. Cedar:

The bark of the tree is used to extract the essential oil of cedarwood, which is one of the most well-known woodsy notes.

Exactly what you’d expect from a woody element, this is one of those notes.

Because of its grounding properties and earthy, woody fragrance, this oil is popular for inducing a sense of relaxation.

Additionally, cedarwood has a certain freshness to it, similar to that which you’d find in the Rocky Mountains.

The tree itself may reach a height of 100 feet and has a lifetime of over 1000 years, making it one of the longest-living plants on Earth.

Cedarwood is widely utilized in jewelry boxes , cigar boxes , and colognes , so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

4. Pine:

We’re all acquainted with pinecones, but we’re less familiar with the pine trees from whence they originate.

Here’s what you may anticipate if you’ve never had the pleasure of smelling a pine tree in person:

Pine has a particular scent that’s difficult to describe , but it’s often clean and fresh with a hint of sharpness.

If you’ve ever had a genuine Christmas tree in your home, you’ll know what to anticipate from this kind of wood because of its association with the holiday season.

If you associate pine with Christmas, a pine-scented cologne might bring back memories of the holiday season.

5. Amber:

A form of petrified tree resin known as amber, it is utilized in jewelry owing to its vivid orange hue.

The scent of amber is often consistent with its visual appearance.

With a scent that evokes resin, there are also hints of soil and richness.

You can tell by the rich amber hue of the bottle that this is going to be a warm scent, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

It’s not your standard woodsy note, yet it comes from trees and gives many famous colognes their distinctive flavor.

6. Vetiver:

Because vetiver is not truly a tree, it comes from a species of Indian grass.

Grass that may reach a height of one and a half meters is characterized by its long, thin leaves that frequently curl downwards.

Although vetiver is not well recognized, it is closely linked to lemongrass and citronella, two of the most efficient insect repellents.

In terms of scent, this should give you a sense of what you may anticipate.

This grass is pleasant to some degree, but its woody, smokey, and earthy elements are more pronounced.

What makes it one of the greatest woody notes is that it adds a variety of fragrances to the table, including the typical wood smell.

The longer the vetiver tree grows, the more oil may be harvested and the better the quality.

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Men may depend on woody colognes to give a comforting but earthy scent that’s perfect for daily use.

Woody cologne selection comes down to whatever aromas you find most appealing and how much money you’re prepared to spend on a perfume.

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