Reasons Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards – [Explanation]

There are many reasons which justify this point that why some men can’t grow beards!

To begin with, here we will talk about the common and basic causes of beard growing struggle.

We are sure that many of you are genuinely curious to know about this fact that some of the men grow full beards and how others fail to do so!

Most probably , you have immensely shaken the shoulders of Google to get the answer to this question. However, if you are in your early twenties.

Or in your late twenties and you still have not got dense bush and bunch of facial hair, then it may be because of lack of response by receptors towards the hormonal chemical dihydrotestosterone DHT .

Scientific Reasons Which Tell Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards Grow Beards

Your Receptors Fail to Respond Properly to Dihydrotestosterone DHT

Most importantly, there is a specific scientific reason which genuinely states as to why some fail to grow a proper and full beard.

When your receptors start to respond in a weak way towards the hormonal chemical dihydrotestosterone DHT, then most probably, this condition occurs.

However, it is certainly and apparently one of the foremost causes of this condition.

It is true that for some men, growing a full and complete beard has become a pure piece of dream and fantasy.

Furthermore, you may have remembered these important facts that testosterone and estrogen actually and specifically drive and regulate the sexual traits and characteristics among men and women.

Talking respectively about men, these traits and characteristics generally and commonly include the growth of facial hair as well as sexual virility.

Moreover , it is obvious that a beardless man lacks the testosterone content in it.

Some Men Can’t Grow Beards Because They Fail to Boast the Suitable Amount of Testosterone


Though all men manage to boast and produce the same levels and content of testosterone. Besides, there are a few of the unfortunate cases as well.

Most noteworthy, when a person gets fail to boast and be packed with a suitable level of testosterone, then this situation gives rise to baldness.

Moreover , those affected men may also struggle and fight with problems like that of diminished virility. You may experience and face chronic fatigue times.

Effective Response of Skin Receptors Towards Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Gives You a Full Beard

Hair, no matter you think about facial hair of scalp hair, they are generally grown when dihydrotestosterone (DHT) binds and gets connected with the receptors present on your skin.

DHT is a molecule that is synthesized from testosterone.

Even more , facial hair growth is not determined and calculated by testosterone itself.

It also depends on the factor as to how well these skin receptors respond and react to it.

Besides, it is their sensitivity which is largely and extensively determined by your genes.

But genetics factors do not count that much in determining the approach how far your beard is going to grow!

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DHT is Often Associated and Linked with Baldness

DHT is Often Associated

Most probably , it can be said that some men cannot grow beards because of DHT.

It is often associated and attached to the condition of baldness.

And this factor then makes its direct connection and link to testosterone.

DHT is a modified and one of the active forms of testosterone.

If you are one of the individuals who desperately want to grow a beard, then there are a few of the important things which they can do.

You can opt for some effective lifestyle measures. These measures may help you in restoring your hormone balance condition.

Furthermore, you can do exercise, go for weight loss actions.

And try to reduce alcohol consumption habits from your life.

Try to eat more and more healthy fats which are nuts, seeds as well as coconut oil and olive oil.

Facially Hairless Men May have Alopecia

Facially Hairless Men May have Alopecia

Moreover, facially hairless men may be negatively affected by alopecia.

This is a condition that makes a man severely bald as well as facially hairless.

Even more, one of the heartbreaking facts about this condition is that this situation arises when our immune system accidentally attacks and targets our hair follicles.

It attacks that region where facial hair growth sadly starts. Beyond, the damage is not that much permanent.

But still, it is also one of the reasons that you fail to get a complete beard .

Facially Hairless Men May have Iron Deficiency or Anemia

Iron Deficiency or Anemia

Also, the next important reason that you can’t grow a beard, it happens because you suffer and get targeted from an iron deficiency condition. Or you are affected by anaemia.

These are the conditions that you can easily treat as well.

In addition, if you are going to opt for better and healthier diets, then this condition can get cured.

And you can then eventually get a full beard. Lastly, do improve your sleeping patterns and avoid taking excess stress.

The  More Sensitive Your Body is to DHT, the More Chances are there You May Can’t Grow a Beard

To summarize, it is proved by the researchers that the more sensitive a human body is to DHT, then there is higher number of chances that you may not get a beard.

So, if you have crop circles on your head. Or if you have thinner shrubs or thinner patches of beard, then this is a crucial cause of this condition too.

Why Some Men Can’t Grow a Beard?! 🤔

Summing Up!

Thus, we hope you have digested and understood all of the important reasons and details regarding the subjected fact.

Moreover, one should accept this bitter reality and truth that there are some of the unlucky and unfortunate men who cannot grow a beard.

However, if we get in hand the most effective measures and remedies attached to the phase of growing a beard, then we will share that with you.

Also, let us know what kind of beard you have.

Whether it is a full beard or you often face difficulty in growing it!

Keep connected and in touch with us. 🙂

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