How to Have a Beard Like Jon Hamm? [Step By Step Guide]

Jonathan Daniel Hamm is an American born actor and producer famously known for playing a role as Don Draper in the AMC television drama series Mad Men, which aired from 2007 to 2015. It was known to be one of the best drama series.

In the beginning, Jon Hamm didn’t have a good start. He worked to become the man he is now known.

Hamm moved to Los Angeles permanently with his car and only $150. Along with four other aspiring actors, he drove a house.

There he began to work as a waiter and also attended the audition. Jon Hamm acted in theaters, even as Flavius, in Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens with the Sacred fools theater Company.

Jon Hamm looked older than his age, which pushing him back. He was founding it very difficult to find work as an actor due to his old look.

In 1998 he failed to achieve an acting career after he worked for three years.

As a result, he continued to work as a waiter. For a brief, he worked as a set designer for a softcore pornography movie.

After finding no success in getting a promising career, Jon Hamm, on his 30th birthday, set a deadline in Hollywood.

In 2000, Hamm was cast in NBC drama series Providence as a romantic firefighter.

The contract he got for one episode now grew into 19, forcing or enabling him to a job as a waiter.

Later on, he made his movie debut in Space Cowboys, which was released in 2000. He then got a role in Kissing Jessica Stein, and We were Soldiers.

The breakthrough for Jon Hamm came when he was cast from more than 80 candidates as a portrayer of Don Draper.

An AMC drama series Mad Men which first aired in 2007 and came to its end in 2015

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Grooming And Styling Tips:

Jon Hamm

Most famous people and celebrities are known for their long lumberjack beards , but Jon Hamm. His Bushy beard has a whole new stage.

If you have reached grown the right length of beard and are willing to have a beard like Jon Hamm, grooming is required.

So Hamm keeps his beard trim and cleans with a perfect balance.

He usually has a mustache that is connected with the beard and the sideburns.

You will need to trim all of these areas to attain this look.

One thing that is appealing is the bushy black beard. You can buy the dye from any store, and if you are familiar with the dying, don’t worry; it comes with a guide.

Once you have achieved all of this, it is time for phase two to maintain the scruff.

Tools Needed To Maintain The Scruff:

Jon Hamm 1

Some items worth buying when maintaining then precious beard are a transparent beard liner, a wooden beard comb, and natural beard shampoo.

Some beard liner or shaper offers a three in one template for beard, sideburns, and neck.

It would be best if you spent some time looking at this feature to provide what you are looking for.

The next big thing that you should have is the beard comb. Trying by a metal or wood comb as they are the best.

Either way, it is okay. Just make sure the comb’s teeth have the right gap in between them so that it can go through all the hairs of the beard without being too separated.

You can also do with your beard to make it smooth and healthy by applying beard oil.

This will not only smooth your skin but also moisturizes your skin as that was it grows.

Eating healthy food will provide a tremendous amount of protein to the beard, which will help it grow thicker and better.

Doing some exercise increases the flow of blood circulation, which good for growing beards.

The training you must that boost your beard faster is cardio, running, and even dancing.

You can do other exercises as well as long you make a habit of it.

Managing stress is a keyframe when it comes to your beard. To reduce or overcome your anxiety, do meditation. They will lower your pressure.

Step By Step Guide:

1-Skin Cleansing Routine:

  • Do not stop scrubbing your skin. The best is to manage and find the scrubbing routine that best suits you to grow your beard.
  • Make sure to clean your skin by washing it with warm water after waking up and going to bed.

2-Moisturing Your Skin:

  • It was necessary to moisture your skin by using beard oil or cream. It avoids having an itch, dandruff, preventing it from any discomfort, and the patchy beard. This will make your beard glossy and cushioning soft.

3-Growing Beard:

  • It would be best if you grew a full beard to achieve Jon Hamm beard style. They may take a month or so.

4-Healthy living:

  • Healthy eating also affects the growth of one’s beard. You need to make sure that you are consuming a fair amount of proteins.
  • Exercise also helps in the growth of a beard as it improves your blood circulation.


  • Like hair, it is necessary to comb your beard regularly to make it look even and gorgeous.
  • Always use a beard brush or comb to smoothen your beard. It will make your beard soft and help you style it according to your desire. Otherwise, it may get tangled and ruin your appearance.


  • Once your beard has fully grown to the desired size, you know begin to trim according to Jon Hamm style.
  • Keep your beard in perfect shape and give it a regular trim to look as good as Jon Hamm himself.


A growing beard is not as easy as you think. You have to take a could care to make it look good.

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