How To Grow A Beard Like Mel Gibson? (Complete Guide)

Mel Gibson is proudly known for his gifted acting skills and jagged look. While his versatile skills of acting have earned him many right roles and he also, on the other hand, enjoys directing as well.

He has won many awards in his career.

People get inspired by well-known celebrities around the world through their style and work. Mel Gibson is no exception. 

Since he is no outsider to significant events, and no matter where he goes, his personality makes a stunning appearance.

His nice suits and charming clothes are not the only things that make him so pleasing, but his impressive ducktail beard also shows him off throughout the years.

His dashing two tones of gray bread was once known to be the most famous bearded man of all time, but he shaved his beard, and now he will be known as one of the most prominent filmmakers of all time.

He had an imposing and bushy beard for which people joke about food getting stuck to it.

His lumberjacklike beard was cut short when he made his guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

His thick beard was inspired by many, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back.

So if you want to opt for this popular beard style, the first thing you need to do is grow a beard.

Now the main factor of a person that grows his beard relies on genetics.

If you are developing a beard with less hair/blank canvas, be sure to start with proper skincare.

Another trick is to have biotin for your hair growth and consume all the possible protein you can.

If consuming biotins and vitamins naturally is difficult for you then you can take supplements also. Prime Beard Vitamin Supplements are highly rated vitamins supplements because they work very effectively in the beard growth cycle.

So first, let us talk about Mel Gibson’s Career Life.

Career Life:

Mel Gibson studied in an acting school called the National Institute of dramatic art. In 1991 Gibson was hired by the director Peter Weir for one of the leading World War 1 dramas Gallipoli which eventually earned him the best actor award by an Australian film institute.

Mel in 1995 directed, produced, and even starred in the award-winning film called Braveheart, for which he won the Academy Award for best director and best film and the golden globe award for best director.

The primary role that put Gibson on the man was portraying a leather-clad post-apocalyptic survivor in Mad Max. This role truly made him an international sensation.

After his success in Hollywood then proceed in producing and directing. His first film as director was “The Man Without No face(1993)”, then two years later he led the award-winning movie “Braveheart,” In 2004 The Passion Of The Christ” which at the Box Office hit $370,782,930 and become the highest Gross rating in the US, Apocalypto(2006), and the “Hankshaw Ridge.” 

Gibson also worked as a director for ABC network, where he directed a few episodes of “Complete Savages.”

DuckTail Beard:

When it comes to popular beard styles, ducktail is one of them, though; it’s simple, well-groomed, and sophisticated.

For some people, a ducktail beard may not be the best option.

It may not be so refined that it might not show a little bit of rebelliousness but, it’s professional and maintains that full-bearded look.

This style is suitable for those who don’t have thick hair. The ducktail isn’t ideal for every shape of the face.

It may work for the diamond, rectangles, and even round faces.

How To Start Growing Your Beard?

How To Start Growing Your Beard

To achieve Mel Gibson’s famous ducktail beard and get some attention, you need to follow the tips.

They might take some time and requires a lot of patience.

1- Skin Cleansing Routine:

  • Do not stop scrubbing your skin. The best is to manage and find the scrubbing routine that best suits you to grow your beard. This is the reason you must need to buy good quality face scrubs. Pacinos Beard and Face Scrub work wonderfully in terms of best quality men’s face scrubs. 
  • Make sure to clean your skin by washing it with warm water after waking up and going to bed.

2- Moisturing Your Skin:

Moisturing Your Skin11

  • It is necessary to moisture your skin by using beard oil or cream. It avoids having an itch, dandruff, preventing it from any discomfort, and the patchy beard. They will make your beard glossy and cushioning soft.

3- Trimming:

So when you are in the process of growing a beard, you need not trim your beard until it reaches the desired length.

Now once you achieved that length then you can cut it like Mel Gibson’s beard in the following way:

  • Start trimming the beard from the neckline and sideburns.
  • Second, try trimming the beard in the chin area to give that pointy look in the middle. It would help if you were very cautious when cutting your beard as a slight mistake can ruin your effort.
  • Shorten the mustaches.

4- Healthy living:

Healthy living

  • Healthy eating also affects the growth of one’s beard. You need to make sure that you were consuming a fair amount of proteins.
  • Exercise also helps in the growth of a beard as it improves your blood circulation.

5- Apply Dye:

  • When it comes to Mel Gibson’s beard, the first thing that comes to your mind is the color “the 2 tones gray beard”. Some people have that tone from birth, and some people have a standard color or one solid-colored beard. So to achieve that look, you might need to dye.
  • So the way to apply the Dye is to go in an upward and downward motion. It would help if you dyed only the desired area. 

 6- Combing:


  • Like hair, it is necessary to comb your beard regularly to make it look even and gorgeous. Otherwise, it may get tangled and ruin your appearance.


These were the tips and tricks to growing a ducktail beard like the legendary Mel Gibson fully.

The critical factor has protein to attain a bushy and impressive beard and oiling them daily. So, go and be the next Mel Gibson.

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