Beard Oil Ingredients & Recipe

Facial hair, carrying a beard and mustache trend has become quite popular among men over the past few years. Moreover, it is in professional settings that men prefer to take a beard.

But how you can maintain, style, and groom , we will tell you! Here are the critical beard oil ingredients and recipes for you. These oils will give proper nourishment to your beard.

These oil ingredients are not at all expensive, and you can make these recipes easily at your home.

Moreover, there is no need to buy a costly beard maintenance styling kit as these oil ingredients will perform in a miracle and a fantastic way for you.

These oils are going to moisturize your beard perfectly. Some of the commonly used beard oils are coconut oil, jojoba and cedarwood oil, sandalwood oil.

Now let us have a look at the beard oil-making process, which you can easily follow at your home:

Important Beard Oil Ingredients:

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Coconut Oil Ingredient:

Whether you make whatever kind of beard oil, adding coconut oil to it is highly essential for you.

This oil is going to soften your beard on an extensive note. It will help you to style and groom your beard seamlessly and efficiently.

This oil will be able to reduce itchiness, which you might experience upon keeping a beard.

This is the exclusive beard oil ingredient that will give proper hydration to your beard.

All those men who want to make their beard look shiny, hydrated, and well-groomed enough will need to use this oil always.

Jojoba Oil Ingredient:

Jojoba Oil Ingredient

While making beard oil, another essential ingredient that will give your beard excellent nutritious value is this jojoba oil.

It is a kind of emollient that will make your beard section incredibly soothing enough.

It will help you in unclogging your hair follicles at the same time. Most importantly, it is an effective skin moisturizer as well.

Almond Oil Ingredient:

The presence of sweet almond oil will further enrich your beard oil. This oil is commonly and excessively used for the sake of homeopathic cosmetic purposes.

It comprises a light texture and thus manages to get absorbed into your skin instantly and immediately.

Any beard oil will be incomplete if it does not has this oil ingredient in it. It is excellent for dry beard men too.

Cedarwood essential oil Ingredient:

Cedarwood essential oil Ingredient

In any of the beard oil types, we commonly see a few of the essential oil. This cedarwood essential oil comprises an earthy aroma in it.

It contains slightly sweet notes and manages to reduce the condition of skin irritation.

It is packed with antiseptic properties and shows an extensive range of aromatherapy benefits.

This oil will keep your beard healthy and well-groomed all the time. No doubt, this oil presence is always a better and wise choice for all men.

Sandalwood Essential Oil:

You are free to use this sandalwood essential oil if you want to make a beard oil at home.

This is a commonly used oil, and it is highly famous because of its woodsy and sweet smell.

The best part about this oil is that it increases and boost a sense of calmness in yourself.

Even more, it gives you a more excellent range of mental clarity.

How to Make a Simple Beard Oil?

How to Make a Simple Beard Oil

As we have mentioned to you, all of the essential ingredients should be present in any beard oil-making process.

You can take suitable portions of them and add them to a bottle. Make sure that you tightly screw the cap of that bottle and shake it well.

This is a simple recipe for making homemade beard oil.

How to Apply Beard Oil?

How to Apply Beard Oil

Once you get successful in making homemade beard oil, you need to understand the specific method of applying it.

Concerning its application process, take a few drops of that oil into your hands. Now rub them together.

As soon as you will scratch that fat on your hands, quickly apply it to your beard. It is on your cheeks facial hair that you should also apply this oil.

If you are not comfortable rubbing that fat on your hands, you can use an eyedropper bottle and use that dropper directly onto your beard.

Make sure to massage that oil wholly and thoroughly on your beard. You can even use a hairbrush for massaging purposes.

Finish off this job by brushing your beard so that it gets a neat and well-groomed look.

It is recommended to apply this oil after you have a shower so that your beard can look more soft shiny enough.

Recipe 1: Making a Beard Oil:


  • 1/2 ounce of jojoba oil
  • 1/2 ounce of sweet almond oil
  • One tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil
  • 3–4 drops of cedarwood oil
  • 3–4 drops of sandalwood oil

Directions to Make a Beard Oil:

Take a bottle and add jojoba oil to it. Next, you can add up the sweet almond oil, and after that, you can add that fractionated coconut oil. Then the next step is to add cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils to that bottle. Could you put on the cap tightly, shake it well?

Recipe 2: Making a Moisturizing Beard Oil


  • Sweet almond oil, 1 oz
  • Moroccan argan oil, 1/4 oz
  • Cedarwood essential oil, four drops
  • Frankincense essential oil, three drops

Steps to Make a Moisturizing Beard Oil

To make this kind of specified moisturizing beard oil, you need to get hold of a 1 or 2oz dropper bottle for yourself. It is in this bottle that you will prepare and make your homemade beard oil.

Firstly, add the sweet almond oil, argan oil to the bottle. You can then proceed by adding the three drops of frankincense and four drops of cedar essential oil inside the dropper bottle of yours.

Your mixture is now prepared fully and completely. Finally, put the cap on your bottle, and you need to shake it in a more challenging and vigorous manner. This is how you can prepare your beard oil in such less time.

Recipe 3: Making a Beard Oil Containing Virgin Coconut Oil As a Primary Ingredient


  • Extra virgin coconut oil, 1 oz
  • Sweet almond oil, 1/2 oz
  • Eucalyptus essential oil, four drops
  • Sage essential oil, four drops

Preparation Method:

The first step is to add 1/2 oz and 1 oz of sweet almond and coconut oils to the bottle. It is recommended to make such oil in a dropper bottle.

Move on to the second step and add two drops of Eucalyptus oil and then two drops of sage essential oils inside the dropper bottle as your mixture is all set and prepared.

Seal your bottle, put the cap on it, and shake it for a few seconds. Make sure that your oils are mixed thoroughly and appropriately.

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Feel free to let us know how you make beard oil and what positive results your homemade beard oil gives to you.

Keep tuned with us as more of the recipes and necessary ingredients concerning the beard oil preparation method will be shared with the readers.

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