What Are Beard Weaves? (Short Guide)

You have heard the word weaves; if you haven’t, then let me explain to you. Weaves is a method used in textile production where they use two sets of threads or yarns which are interlaced at a right angle to form a fabric or a cloth.

There are methods used, such as knitting, braiding, felting, etc.

The way wrap and filling thread interlace with each other is known as weaving.

Thus the process is called weaving. Now with this method, people can make hair wigs, and even beard weaves.

Those people who don’t have hair or who have less hair or are even bald from the middle use hair weaves where they are placed with fake hair to give a realistic look.

S imilarly, people use a beard weave to hide the patchy beard on their faces or who cannot grow a beard. It is also known as a beard transplant.

Beard Transplant:

Beard Transplant

According to Dr. Alexander of Ashlin Alexander Facial Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, the average age of customers who come for beard transplant are between 25 and 45.

In recent years there has been an increase of white males getting a beard transplant.

As it says, it is not a walk in the park; it takes almost half-day to complete the procedure.

You have seen many videos, especially on Youtube, where it 5 minutes or 6 minutes long; well, that’s due to the power of editing.

While the process is applied, you will be on oral sedation. In this transplant, hair follicles are harvested individually from the back of your scalp.

For those who are willing to do it or are ready and going to make an appointment, well, that might not be the case for everyone.

This cure is not cheap as you think it is; for just a goatee work, it costs $3,000, and for a significant transplant, it will cost $9,000+.

The reason for it to be so expensive is that it is such a delicate, precise, and artistic procedure that involves a whole group team of assistants to help with various steps.

So if you are interested in this procedure but have less hair or no hair due to baldness, you can have other options from where hair can be a harvest, like a form the back or chest.

But the hair texture is very different and has lesser viability. Therefore it is not ideal.

If we talk about beard transplants in a foreign country, then according to researchers, hipsters in Canada are less because of its culture as compare to America. Also, Canada is not a fashion city.

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Beard Weaves:

Denzel Well

Anyway, there is an alternative to the beard transplant. As I mentioned it early, “Beard Weaves,” mostly known as a lace-front beard.

It is similar to the hair black that women get woven on their heads.

Denzel Well also used beard weave. It’s fake, but it looks more realistic; it uses a prop glue to stick the beard. It is the lace-front part that you glue on your face.

Well’s said they used real hair, trimmed it, and then glued the fake beard on to it.

So you have hair poking from every direction. According to him, the weave is not easy to take off.

It is easier for Wells due to his makeup artist. This is because it had to be lined up with his face’s contour.

Upon removal, the right amount of glue dissolving solution has to be used; otherwise, it would take off a chunk of skin.

Yep! I didn’t like that to hear. In terms of day to day wear, it makes it difficult to eat. You can’t move your mouth or talk.

Opening your mouth too wide will make the beard weave loose. Here is his advice, “Hell no.

Let’s put it like this: when I’m paid to recommend it to somebody, I’ll recommend it to somebody.

Until then, I would not recommend it be worn by the everyday man. Until they get it as good as women’s lace-front weaves, you will not be seeing any beard weaves on my face again.”


Here you have it: the overview of the beard weaves and what celebrities think about it.

Beard weave can be used on some occasions like going to a wedding or maybe at a party.

But if you want to have a permanent beard and don’t want to use a beard weave, you might want to go for a beard transplant.

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