How To Get Dr Strange Beard Style?-(How To Achieve Them)

So are you a Marvel Fan or more specifically Dr. Strange? And wanna know what his beard is called and how you can grow your beard like that? Well, this guide is for you. You will find the answer to every question related to this. 

Since you are well known for Dr. Strange’s character and now you wanna replicate his style. So let’s first start with the beard name. That style is known as “Goatee”. Other than him, you must have seen a lot of famous television personalities with this style

So, in this guide, we will teach you how you can grow your beard like Dr.Strange! To whom this style would suit and obviously how should trip.

But before we talk about how you can make this style, let’s first take a look at this style’s background. This would help you connect to this style and your personality may embrace this. 

How To Grow Your Beard Like Dr Strange?

so, let’s check it out…

What Is A Goatee?

The word goatee means because it’s a small pointy chin beard, close to that seen on goats. This will cover the upper lip and chin of an individual, but not the cheeks (in goats the chin is not covered, and yet a goatee is seen in the goat). 

You may find a different style of goatee beard. This style is basically the essence of shaved cheeks with a little pointed beard on the chin connected with a patch of a mustache. 

When And Why Should You Grow A Goatee?

What separates the goatee from certain other styles is that it fits most face shapes and is far simpler to expand than a complete beard.

As the movement of the cheeks appears to be less than the rest of the face, often people aim to promote the development of facial hair in their cheeks. 

A goatee can also grow and is one of the few types containing clean-shaved cheeks that emphasizes the shin and the upper lip that can be covered with facial hair even more effectively.

A frail jaw and a double chin are developed by a goatee beard mask, and often older guys develop this style of beard in particular to conceal the fact that their ages have caused their face to be fat.

And lastly, several younger guys with uneven beards seek various styles and sometimes continue with a chin beard or a discreet anchor beard.

How To Grow Your Beard Like Dr. Strange?

So now we will be discussing different styles of Dr.Strange’s beard that you can try on yourself;

1. Full Goatee ( Dr.Strange Actual Style)

This is the goatee style that you came for. You have seen it on Dr.Strange and also several other popular personalities such as Kanye West

A real goatee is, basically, a mustache with completely shaved cheeks, paired with a chin and a mustache, which connects.

A complete goatee usually has small lengths of around 0.5 to 1 inch, making it one of the better all-round options for the short beard that suits virtually all facial styles, whether it be heart-shaped, circular, diamond, oval, square, or oblong.

Maintaining this style of beard is not very difficult. However, you may require some practice to make it look perfect.

2. Anchor Beard: 

The barbed anchor is a fascinating style of a goatee, not particularly common, but you must have seen it ever in action. And if you are a marvel fan then you must be well aware of this style.

The biggest example of this style you can see on Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man 

The anchor beard is basically just what the name says. The beard type, in which the mustache area is placed at the top of the chain, with the lower portion becoming the “crown” on the anchor.

This style appears essentially the same as the full goatee, with the major difference it is not associated with the chin portion even though the lower segment of the style curves up.

Cutting the anchor style beard is a little tougher than most styles of a goatee, as you need to take precautions to match correctly the top ends of the chin.

So as not to attach to the ‘Stache,’ while still looking at the exact height and shape as each other.

How to Trim and Style Your Beard Like Doctor Strange?

Now we get to the interesting part of this guide, how you can actually groom a goatee.

However, you must take the following measure to do this style with perfection

Follow the following rules;

  • You must not rush, take your time to avoid any mistake
  • Use high-quality beard tools and products. It would be better if you educate yourself before doing it. 
  • It is better to leave facial hair long instead of cutting them too short. As long hairs can be trimmed later. 
  • Trim your goatee-style beard when it’s all dry and in its natural state.
  • Before you begin with cutting and shaping, let you’re facial grow to a sufficient length.

Trimming with Scissors and Beard Clippers

It is time to progress onto the next stage of the process after you have trimmed the cheeks and the outline of the goatee (side and neckline).

I will recommend you buy Hatteker Beard Trimmer Kit as it is a perfect option for trimming every type of beard hair.

That is part of the treatment of the remaining facial hair left on your face.

Most people choose the easy and that is opting for a trimmer. Set to your desired beard length normally 1-2 inches. Then, just go through the remaining facial hair on your face for a flawless-looking Dr. Strange-style beard.

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How to Maintain Dr.Strange Style Beard

Maintaining the Dr.Strange style beard (goatee) is easy and simple. Just shave the cheeks after every 2 or 3 days while maintaining the length of the remaining facial hair on a weekly basis.

Moreover, once it’s been a while for you with this style of beard, it will be very easy to keep it looking perfect. And it would take only a few minutes to reshape it.


We hoped that this guide has helped you in knowing how you can grow a beard like Dr.Strange. And you must have found some great tips to keep this style maintained and look perfect always.

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