Advanced Guide to Fade Your Beard

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Many of you want to make their beard fade, but they didn’t get the proper steps, or I can say guide about the soft beard. Now the wait is over!

Here is some fantastic news that will make you happier. We will provide an advance guide in this article to help you make the beard fade. So let’s have a look at this guide.

But wait for a second! Before knowing about the guide that will explain the soft beard, you must follow some steps before learning about the soft beard.

Yes, these steps are essential to get the best-faded beard, so let’s have a look at these steps.

Get the Beard to a Great Length:

Get the Beard to a Great Length

First of all, get your beard and mustache to your optimal length.

Wash and dry your beard, set your trimmer to its most extended setting, and trim your beard and mustache, running contrary to the natural order of things to expel any abundance mass.

The more length you leave, the more emotional your last beard blur will be, yet if you are inclined toward a subtler look, rehash with a shorter setting until you have your favored length.

Sharpen Your Neckline:

Sharpen Your Neckline

Brush your beard downwards to evade stray hairs, place a finger on a level plane only over Adam’s apple, and trim a vertical strip underneath this line.

Work outwards under your facial structure, and rehash on the opposite side. For laser accuracy here, utilize the Philips Shaver Series 9000.

Clean up:

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After making the beard neckline, you must clean up the entire beard with the brush or clean it with water.

These steps will help you to know that your beard looks after making the beard neckline.

Trim the cheek line:

Trim the cheek line

For an additional clean blurred beard style, go for a new cheek line.

Make a straight or somewhat adjusted line from your side’s base consumes to the tip of your mustache.

Rehash on the opposite side and tidy up the upper cheek region, again considering not to bump the perfect line you have quite recently made.

Like if you like to keep your cheeks regular, leave the cheek line yet tidy up any stragglers on the upper cheeks.

Make the Mustache:

Make the mustache

Brush the mustache hair down and utilize the sharp edges’ edge to pursue the top lip line, cutting without end any mustache hair that has become over your lip.

For a smooth look, trim the full line of your mustache into a clean line.

How to Fade Your Beard:

How the time has come to make the beard fade. For fading the beard, you may first follow these steps so that your beard may reach the level which may require when fading the beard.

Here are the steps through which you can make the beard fade.

  • With the help of a trimmer machine, you have to trim the jawline bread up to 1 inch. While also, you may trim the other sides of the beard trim up to 1 inch. Make sure that you should not exceed 1 inch.
  • Shorten the beard blade, again to make it trim about 1 inch more on both the side.
  • Repeat the entire process, until you may get the fade beard on both the side of your beard. To check whether the beard is faded or not. You can check it with the downside hair that is being flagged.


Here you go! How simple is that to make the beard fade.

You may now have to follow some long and length steps that will make you confused and worry about the soft beard.

One thing for sure that before making the beard fade, you have to follow those steps which are being mentioned.

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