TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor

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Type: Beard Scissor
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Item Size: Approx. 9.0 * 4.0cm / 3.54 * 1.6in
Item Weight: Approx. 17g / 0.6oz
Total Size: Approx. 10 * 5.0 * 1.0cm / 3.93 * 1.96 * 0.4in
Total Weight: Approx. 19g / 0.67oz

Package List:

1 * Beard Scisso


We know that all men out there, they want to keep their beard all tidy and neat looking? But how it is all possible?

We will tell you.

Try out this product that is available in the form of TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor and give an amazing feel to your beard.

Special Qualities in This TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor!

  • This scissor promises to give a cleaner look to your beard. How cool and satisfactory it is!
  • The best part that this one is a multifunctional scissor . You are free to use it to cut and trim your beard. You can make use of it to cut your bangs and to trim down your mustache.
  • You can use this same TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor to trim and give a neat look to your eyebrows.

Are You Ready To Order It?

No doubt, this is a wonderful helper that you can get for yourself. As now you can see that lots of amazing qualities are present in it.

It makes your trimming job extremely precise and accurate. It helps you in getting a decent beard style.

Bunch of Exceptional Traits is Seen In It!

  • This beard shear is made by using high hardness steel. This construction material is extremely durable and budget-friendly as well as economical to use.
  • It is lightweight and composes of a mini size design. You can mark and consider it a great traveling companion.
  • Furthermore, this beard scissor has got a classy looking design. It will not feel an embarrassment while taking out this scissor from your pant pocket.
  • It is available in the classy looking color shade. You can call it an elaborate handcraft art item that is made and meant to be designed for your beard.

Give A Celebrating Look To Your Beard!

This is an extremely and quite sharp scissor. It has these curved edges and your beard hair will be cut and trimmed down instantly.

You can now trim your beard and mustache in an even manner and no pulling effect will be given by this scissor.

It consist of quick as well as the noiseless blade, you will not have any problem while cutting, opening, and closing this reviewed scissor.

Hence, this is a high-quality beard scissor-type that we have suggested to you. It is exceptionally durable and it never dulls.

Buy It Now!

It manages to keep your hand all go steady and smooth while you are trimming your beard.

Order it now and pen down to us your opinion about it, hopefully, and we are utmost confident that you will like this beard scissor that we have shortlisted for you.

Package Included

1 x TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor

Our Guarantee

100% guaranteed satisfaction will be given to you from the side of TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor.

This is a risk-free product item and you will consistently be satisfied upon using it.

Shipping and Return Policy

90-days money-back guarantee time is offered from the maker side of this TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor.

And the Estimated Delivery time is 21-39 days

For return policy and services, you can contact and have a detailed communication with the respective team.

3 reviews for TheKingsman Beard Shear/Scissor

  1. Mark

    These scissor are great, good built, fits good in hand, and stays sharp.

  2. Rob

    it’s really good scissor! thank you!

  3. Evan

    Compact, beautiful, sharp and neat scissors, great for beard and mustache.

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