James Harden Beard Styles and How To Achieve Them!

Here you are going to examine the beard style variations of this superstar athlete James Harden .

To begin with, this is a fact that all of his beard styles have truly become a trendy conversation piece these days .

He is a talented and fabulous basketball player. Despite the fact he won lots of titles for his team, he also won the hearts of his fans by sporting different beard looks.

Furthermore, James Harden has emerged and came out as a fashion icon. It is his beard looks which manage to make him as one of the stylish looking players in his NBA team .

Moreover, when he used to play basketball at the college level right for Arizona State, there at that time he started to grow facial hair.

Thus, like his basketball game, his beard game is also extremely strong. Also, check out Most Popular Arabic Beard Styles Guide from here.

The Beard Evolution Process of James Harden James Harden Beard Styles

Want to know the best part of the James Harden beard evolution process? It carries lots of versatility and variation.

Most probably, it was the time of 2007 when he used to have this trimmed beard look. This was his college beard look.

And he seamlessly, decently sported it. In addition to, his high school beard status was just and simply non-existent.

He had this clean shave look. Then comes the time of 2009 when his beard became an identifiable feature of his personality.

During that time, his beard looked contained as well as solid and spectacular looking.

Most importantly, his beard status got an extensive amount of limelight during 2011 times. James Harden gave a lot of room to his beard to grow.

When he became the part of Summer, Olympics, July 2012 , then his fans marked his beard status as somewhat majestic looking.

Most noteworthy, he has finally become a true fashion inspiration for his fans.

To give a unique and decent look to your facial, try out the below mentioned James Harden beard variations. And explore these beard expert secrets to sport a perfect beard shape.

James Harden Beard Style Variations James Harden Beard Style

All James Harden beard styles are striking looking on the highest notes.

His beard has always captured the attention of his fans the minute he steps into the basketball playing field.

Besides, his different and creative beard styles have turned out as a true and genuine inspiration for the rest of the youngsters.

You might be wondering which one are those major beard styles that are carried and grown by this star? Here we will tell you.

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James Harden Light Mustache and Goatee Beard Look Tip to Achieve It James Harden Beard Style

Most certainly, this is the popular beard look carried by James Harden. His goatee and light mustache beard look had almost become his signature look.

Lots of his fans sported and embraced this light-trimmed chin goatee and mustache look.

However, to achieve this look, make sure that your jawline and also your neck should be clean shaved.

On the other hand, you have to keep your sideburns short. Lastly, you need to keep your hair short to perfectly flaunt this beard look.

James Harden owns this beard look in a perfect style. And you can do that as well by following the technique which we have given it to you.

Furthermore, you should tell your barber to make use of a smaller clipper size. In this way, you can easily maintain the right size and form of the goatee .

You can either use a one guard clipper size or two guard clipper size.

This beard style demands great precision, so make sure to groom and trim this style by visiting an expert barber.

Peach Fuzz Beard style of James Harden – Guide to Copy It! James Harden Beard Style

Also, we have James Harden peach fuzz beard style which you can easily achieve. It is for young boys that Harden has introduced this beard look.

Most importantly, you can easily acquire this look if you do have thin facial hair.

The combination of a thin chin beard and a light mustache turns James Harden look super impressive looking.

To copy this look, make sure that you get a fine hair growth towards your chin. Most noteworthy, your beard hair should be light in shade as well as sparse like fuzz.

Thus, to flaunt this look, you need to carry it with confidence. James Harden has advised his fans to sport this look with 100% confidence.

Just carry this beard look like a boss. Moreover, hold your head up and look confidently into the eyes of another person.

And keep this beard look all clean and coiffed. Lastly , get the perfect beard curves to embrace this look.

James Harden Full Grown Beard James Harden Beard Style

However, these days people are loving this James Harden full-grown beard look. No doubt this is an awe-inspiring beard look.

If you are one of Harden’s fans, then do copy this look. This beard style all and completely revolves around 5 inch grown hair .

This look needs a minimum amount of trimming. Besides, allow your facial hair to grow.

In order to grow that much thick and long beard, you must need beard oil especially if your beard grows in patches. Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand remains at top of the list when it comes to the best beard oil.

And your beard hair should cover your cheeks wholly and fully. Do spread your beard hair on both of the sides of your jawline.

Beyond, Harden’s full-grown beard look which is a 5-inch beard in length is quite easy to maintain. Just keep your beard completely clean.

You need to comb it regularly. Harden has suggested his fans to avoid junk food if they really want to get a full beard look.

Thus, one can only look hot and heavy in this beard look if he is going to clean and wash it regularly. Use these Best Beard Soaps for washing your beard any time.

Also, it is in the natural shape that you have to grow this Harden full beard look. Do always make use of 5 or 6 clipper sizes in order to trim your mustache.

It is the small size of your mustache which will be going to highlight the large size and full look of your beard.

Stubble Beard Look of James Harden

Another beard look that is exclusively flaunted by James Harden, it is this stubble look.

You need to keep in mind as well that there is a lot of difference between scruff and stubble.

Stubble beard is a bit and comparatively larger than that of scruff.

However, it was believed and perceived that a stubble beard look can only be flaunted and embraced by blond hair men.

But this conception is totally disregarded and rejected by James Harden. He exceptionally carries this stubble beard look now!

Furthermore, James likes to keep his stubble beard up to a short length. His stubble is neither too long nor too short.

Or you can say that his stubble beard length is of apt and perfect length. James has maintained his stubble beard by hiring the best stylist and hair grooming expert.

He truly believes that his chiseled face always needs a perfect beard look.

Trimmed Beard Look with a Thin Mustache James Harden Trimmed Beard Look

We have also seen that James looks hot in a trimmed beard look. And this trimmed beard look is always accompanied by a thin mustache.

Most probably, many of you may like to copy this look. To exclusively copy and achieve this beard style, the trimming of your facial hair is a must.

Do trim your beard facial hair in line with your jawline as well as your chin. Most importantly, this beard look needs the trimming of sideburns too.

Only a good quality trimmer can provide you with your desired results.

Panasonic Beard Trimmer for Men comes at top of the list when it comes to best quality professional quality beard trimmers.

And you have to connect your sideburns to your chin hair through the jawline.

Most certainly, you may have seen that James Harden keeps a thin mustache whenever he has to flaunt a trimmed beard look.

Lastly, this beard style needs to be maintained and set a lot by using premium quality beard gels.

And what you think about James Harden’s bald look, let us know your feedback. He equally looks handsome with a clean shave look or with a full beard look.

More James Harden Beard Styles and looks Rules to Copy and Achieve them James Harden Beard Style

Chin Curtain Look of James Harden

No doubt Harden flaunts his chin curtain beard like a perfect boss, it is true! The easy and quick way to achieve this look is to fuse and combine it with a trimmed mustache.

This beard style needs a lot of trimming. And Choosing The Right Beard Trimmer is a must for you.

Most importantly, you need to properly trim your mustache. And also trim your facial hair which is present on the chin and jawline.

This is an amazing style which is all started by James Harden and being a fan of him, you can copy it too.

Overgrown Goatee Look Sported by James Harden

One can say with an absolute assurance that James Harden’s hair, beard, and mustache looks are always on point.

Talking about this overgrown goatee look, it looks amazing on him as well. This trimmed beard mustache look has become the heavily opted beard look.

Moreover, this is a casual-looking beard style. Then we have another goatee look of James Harden which is accompanied by a trimmed linked mustache.

This is a popular Harden beard style. This look is all about casually growing your beard and mustache.

Thus, the bottom line is that all James beard variations are quick and easy to copy.

Also, his circle beard look is one of the most hyped and talked about beard looks.

How to Achieve James Harden Beard Style – [VIDEO GUIDE]

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Summing Up!

To summarize, James Harden’s beard styles have inspired all of his fans. Moreover, all of the fashion stylists have taken inspiration from his beard and hair looks.

It might be because of the laziness of this super amazing basketball player that he easily carries this beard looks.

No doubt all of his personally designed beards variations look hot and also super cool on him.

So, are you ready to copy any of this American basketball superstar beard looks? Let us know which one you will copy.

Harden beard looks have become a trademark now. His beard variations have all become signature styling statements of him!

Even more, the well-known and popular Croatian designer Filip Peraic has demonstrated and showed James Harden’s bearded looks in his project titled as James Harden Illustrated.

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