Scruffy Beard Style: What Is It and How to Grow It? (Updated Guide)

Scruffy Beard

Scruffy beard style is normally and usually suitable for those men who are least interested in carrying their beard on a serious note.

Here you will come to know about the details of a scruffy beard.

Furthermore, you will get an explanation regarding the fact of what actually this beard type is. And how to style it!

Moreover, if you want to show off and display an unshaven and rugged look, then such a kind of beard style can be opted by you.

In other words, this beard style truly and actually displays a manly look .

Even more, if you do have scruffy facial hairs, then that should not create any problem for you.

In fact, you should count such sort of scruffy facial hair as one of the blessings for you. You can style them in exemplary ways.

To begin with, let us jump on to the exact details.

Everything You Need to Know About Scruffy Beard !

Scruffy Beard

Most importantly, to carry a scruffy beard in a hot and sexy manner is not the job that all men can perform perfectly.

Just a few of the men can carry this beard look in an ideal way.

In addition, by making the right clothing choices as well as bringing other noticeable changes in your appearance, this is generally how you can flaunt your scruffy beard.

However, scruffy facial hairs are a sort of manly-looking beard which is usually and commonly around your face. Such facial hair gives you a rugged look.

But this rugged look manages to give you a sexy and appealing aroma as well.

Beyond, those men who have a scruffy beard, they automatically look rough, tough and also hot, attractive .

Scruffy Beard is All about the Unshaven and Wild Look


Besides, a scruffy beard is just and only about the unshaven look.

If you want to take your rough and wild look to another level , then carrying a scruffy beard is always an ideal choice for you.

This beard style has become one of the noticeable fashion statements.

If you are 0% interested in growing a full beard, then a scruffy beard is a wise choice you can go for!

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Growth Time Taken by a This Beard

Scruffy Beard

Most noteworthy, the growth time to keep a scruffy beard, it is not much lengthy enough.

To create this kind of attractive look.

And to maintain a scruffy beard in an effortless way, you just need a single month’s time frame.

Furthermore, this kind of beard does not need and require much of the maintenance and grooming job .

It usually requires less effort while styling and maintaining it up.

Most probably , you just need to grow your beard hair up to a half-inch size. For the reason that you can acquire a scruffy beard look in a one-month time frame.

Moreover , on an average basis, we have seen that scruffy beards are 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in their size ratio.

It also depends on your personal preference whether you want to keep this beard up to 1/4 inch size or up to 1/2 inch size.

How to Style a Scruffy Beard ?

Styling a Scruffy Beard

The styling process with regard to maintaining this beard, it is pretty much easy and simple.

Firstly , it is very important for you to grow this beard to the perfect level.

You have to make sure and remain confident that you have achieved the desired length.

To style this beard, you can take help from a pair of clippers. And also a beard comb.

Use any sort of beard styling products like that gel, oil or balm .

While you will trim your beard, remember that you have to adjust and set your clipper settings up to the highest setting option.

In this way, you are not going to accidentally trim off your scruffy beard in an excessive manner.

Most importantly, do start from the base section of your neck. And then you can slowly and gradually trim in an upward direction.

Move towards your chin section as well.

Most noteworthy, you have to overlap and coincide with the last trimmed area so that your beard shape remains to look consistent in shape.

More Ways of Styling and Maintaining a Scruffy Beard

Scruffy Beard

#1 : Apply Beard Oil to keep Your Beard

Apply Beard Oil

Most certainly, to carry a scruffy beard look, is always the definition and display of low maintenance.

If you want to keep the look soft, then apply beard oil always. Lab Series Grooming Oil is one of the best options when it comes to beard oils.

Or you can also grow it in a bit of a long way.

Moreover, if your beard hair length is up to 12 mm , then that beard is always included in the category of scruffy beard type.

#2 : Regularly Moisturize Your Beard

Regularly Moisturize Your Beard

One should keep on moisturizing their scruffy beard so that their specific beard can remain to look well maintained and well-groomed.

It is after two to three days that you should give a light trimming job to your beard.

Though this beard look is the name of a rough and unshaven look.

However , you have to keep this beard style tight and well-trimmed as well.

#3 : Keep Your Beard Smart and Casual Look

Lastly , one of the great tip to style your scruffy beard. It is to keep it smart and casual looking. Avoid giving it a formal look.

NOTE : Avoid forgetting that this beard look is exclusively rough and wild-looking in a real sense.

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Summing Up!

To summarize, we are confident that you must have understood the basic details on a scruffy beard.

Now if you do not want to get involved in carrying and maintaining long beards, then pick up this beard type.

Hopefully, you will love it!

As it needs a little maintenance and little care from your side.

For the reason that a heavy and immense number of men love to embrace this beard version.

Furthermore, let us know which other beard styles you want to explore.

And then sooner, we will give you details about them as well.

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