How to Grow a Virat Kohli Beard Style (Step by Step Guide)

Virat Kohli , the extremely super-talented cricketer is equally known and famous because of his immaculately trimmed beard style .

To begin with, here you will get an idea as to how to grow your beard like Virat Kohli.

You might be wondering how he manages to style and maintain such an immaculately trimmed beard! Here is an explanation for you.

No doubt Virat Kohli’s beard style and hairstyle look have gained immense attention every now and then .

Furthermore , cricketers are now heavily opting for big biceps , tattoos and also piercings , different looking beard styles and hairstyles.

Moreover, Kohli has become a trendsetter because of his trimmed, perfectly shaped unique beard style . He plays in an outstanding way!

And his trimmed beard looks outstanding and cool enough too.

So, let us have a look at the details as to how Kohli manages to keep his beard so perfect looking. Read about Fawad Khan Beard look growing process too.

Virat Kohli Beard Style – An Immaculately Trimmed Beard Look Beard Like Virat Kohli

Want to know the best part of Virat Kohli’s beard look, it is that his beard is trimmed, groomed, and styled up to a perfect level.

Girls drool and fall in love with him every single time. Kohli is in no mood to change his beard look or to get a clean shave look.

Even more, this run-chaser and super amazing player of the Indian cricket team is all the time in the news because of his beard looks, stylish personality, and dressing session.

Most importantly, his well-kept mane is always much loved by his fans.

Virat Kohli Signature Beard Style – Goatee Along with the Horseshoe Mustache

Virat Kohli Signature Beard Style

Talking about Kohli’s signature beard style , it is the combination of a goatee , full beard and horseshoe mustache.

Kohli manages to keep and maintain his beard by accentuating his jawline. For the reason that his jawline always looks extremely sexy.

Most noteworthy, his goatee and also the horseshoe mustache has now become an international craze for the rest of his fans .

It is this immaculately trimmed beard that gives the impression and appearance as if he has a sharper jawline.

Thus, this is the most interesting part of Kohli’s signature beard look.

Kohli Beard Style has Symmetrical Sideburns

Virat has these symmetrical sideburns which manage to completely run down in order to become part of his chinstrap.

To copy this look, you have to keep a goatee and a horseshoe mustache as well.

It is also true that a large number of Hollywood celebs embrace this Kohli signature beard look, it is true!

Most probably, you may have seen Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck flaunting this similar beard look. All in all, all Indian cricket fans immensely admire and praise this Kohli beard style.

This style is quick to maintain. It only needs a lot of trimming jobs. Hence, Kohli’s beard look is completely about sharp and trimmed beard edges.

And this is the basic rule which you need to follow too.

Virat did Not Become the Part of the Jadeja’s #BreakingtheBeard Challenge

Virat Kohli has always shown a great amount of love towards his beard. He told his fans that he likes and loves his beard a lot and he will never get rid of it.

In addition, you must have also heard about Jadeja’s #breakingthebeard challenge which started on Instagram. Kohli refused to become part of the challenge .

However, he told and gave the clarification that he like his beard look and it suits him a lot.

Besides, most of the Indian players are embracing and sport beards throughout the entire home season.

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, as well as Ravindra Jadeja, wholly shaved off beards.

Kohli posted his picture on Instagram and he said sorry to his fellow players for not becoming the part of break the beard challenge.

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Guide to Grow A Beard Like Virat Kohli Beard Like Virat Kohli

From here, you can get to know one of the biggest grooming tricks which will help to copy Virat Kohli’s signature beard look at the same time.

Some of us have these scraggly and patchy beards . And some of us are able to enjoy a full beard growth process.

Virat is one of those players who are blessed with full beard growth. And he does not have any patchy beard areas on his face.

Furthermore, there are certain grooming tricks that are followed and implemented by this cricketer. Check them out from the below-mentioned details:

The Beard Contouring Trick Started by Virat Kohli

Most importantly, it is this beard contouring trick that was initially started by Virat Kohli.

No doubt beard contouring has become and turns out to be a big trend all and completely across the globe. A few of the men blindly follow and implement this trend.

However, there is a certain and specific way to contour your beard. Virat has advised his fans to avoid overtly-contour your beard.

You just have to draw fine beard lines and fine edges on your beard. And avoid giving your beard look filled with very sharp lines, hard edges.

Most noteworthy , if there will be hard edges and sharp lines on your beard, then you will eventually get an overtly-contoured beard.

Kohli Beard Contouring Trick is the Basis and Foundation for his Beard Regime

Kohli’s beard contouring trick is said to mark and identified as the firm foundation for his beard regime.

His well-tamed beard all needs the perfect beard contouring job.

Have you noticed that the center section of his beard facial hair appears to scatter in a longer length as compared to the rest of the beard facial zones, it is true!

Moreover, by copying this Kohli beard look, your face appears to look 100% fuller .

Also, if you have a larger-than-usual nose, then this beard look will compliment your nose shape too. Even more, try to keep shorter-in-length hair on both of the sides of your face.

Lastly, with the follow up of these tips, your face will get a perfect and the best definition. Hence, give a quick trim job to your beard using a good professional quality trimmer like Philips Norelco Multigroomer .

And sport this Virat Kohli beard look.

More Tips to Achieve and Follow Virat Kohli’s Beard Style Beard Like Virat Kohli

If you are excessively and immensely inspired by this cricket star Virat Kohli’s beard look , then it is important for you to give the needed care to your beard.

You have to use the right grooming tools as well. Just keep yourself hydrated so that you avoid growing a patchy beard.

Kohli’s beard look needs a lot of hydration. So, drink lots of water. Besides, your body and skin need to stay and be filled with sufficient water content.

Regularly Using a Beard Shampoo

Shampoo Your Beard

If you are in the process to grow your beard like Virat Kohli then using the best beard shampoo is also important for you.

It is especially during summers that washing your beard is essential. Kohli’s well-trimmed beard look needs a shampoo job on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the regular application of shampoo will give a soft beard .

By looking at his Kohli beard health, one can say with guarantee that he regularly shampoo, wash and clean his beard.

No matter whatever beard shape you are set to embrace, it always needs a regular cleaning job and a high-quality shampoo application process.

SheaMoisture Beard Wash is one of those beard washes that provide needed moisture and smoothness to the beard hair.

Regular Trimming Job

Trim Your Beard

Most certainly, you may have commonly observed that Kohli’s beard is always trimmed.

If you plan to copy and sport this beard look, then keep in mind to consider the trimming job as a top priority.

Thus, if you will avoid trimming your beard, then it will look wiry and dry. The irregular trimming job will give you itchiness feel as well.

So, what’s the bottom line? If Virat Kohli can trim his beard on time, then you can also follow and implement that same trimming job in your daily routine days.

Moisturizing Your Beard

Moisturizing Your Beard

Lastly, Virat Kohli beard styling experts are of this belief that Kohli’s beard look needs a lot of moisturizer application jobs.

For the reason that you need to moisturize your beard if you are copying Kohli’s beard look.

In addition to, use the right beard oil and beard gels. Application of beard oils moisturizes your beard well/ And also makes your beard hair softer.

Beard oils inject smoothness completely into your skin. Thus, this beard care routine reduces itchiness and dandruff related issues.

Lab Series Grooming Oil provides moisture to your beard hair, reduces itchiness, and helps in the hair growth process.

How one Can Achieve Virat Kohli Beard Style 👇

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Summing Up!

To summarize, we hope that you have got a little idea as to how to grow and maintain a Virat Kohli Beard Style.

This simple, immaculately trimmed beard look needs a simple and quick maintenance job.

So, are you ready to copy and flaunt this super popular Indian cricket beard look! Let us know your experience and feedback if you start and plan to copy this beard style.

Just groom and maintain the fine beard lines, smooth beard edges.

This is all! If interested in copying James Harden Beard Styles , check that out from here. More beard grooming and styling guides are coming up. So stay connected with us.

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