The Balbo Beard Style: How to Grow, Guide, Shave & Maintain

Balbo beard is one of those types of mustache, which fits almost everyone who wears it.

It can be seen as another reason why it is so famous. This design may be used by people of any generation.

People who can not grow a complete beard on their cheeks like this, so the cheeks do not need beard hair.

The Balbo Beard is, in several respects, unique since it comes with three different parts.

Moreover, there are more and more people wearing it, which may not make it “ exceptional ,” but people prefer how they wear Balbo.

It is often confused for goatee types such as the Chin Goatee Extended . There is also confusion for people who carry it like a goatee style. Some of them also mix it with the beard style of Dr. Strange .

The Balbo beard style features both a high chin beard and mustache, as we have described before.

A thin, floating Chevron Mustache, separated by your beard, is the mustache in the form of a Balbo beard .

You almost have an inverse T on the beard you need to wear this style. Unless the beard includes an embedded Soul Patch, it appears so.

Moreover, if you are interested in adopting this style, here is a guideline for you to maintain this type of beard conveniently.

What Facial Shape Best Fits The Balbo Beard?

While everyone may wear beard-style Balbo men with diamonds , this is a way of looking around and having a square face shape.

The Balbo Beard is, in several respects, unique since it comes with three different parts .

Moreover, there are more and more people wearing it, which may not make it “exceptional,” but people prefer how they wear Balbo.

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How To Grow, Guide, Shave & Maintain Balbo Beard


It is better to let your standard beard grow for four to six weeks , like other beard types.

It is a good idea, to begin with, a lot of hair before you begin shaving.

Shave your facial hair with a nice and good quality shaver or electric razor like Panasonic Electric Razor as it is one of the best available. Shave particularly on your cheeks) to get an equalization on either side of your face when you’ve done.

Shave the territory underneath the lower lip, yet leave the spirit fixed on the jaw. The left hair of the goatee may be formed by an adjustable trimmer.


Trimming needs to be done in a few steps that are mentioned below:

  • Start from the ears when it comes to trimming your beard. First, shear the beard inwards to achieve balance on either side of your face, and then continue the trimming process.
  • While trimming your beard make sure that you leave a gap of 1/4 an inch between the chin and the mustache as well. This is the basic Balbo beard factor.
  • Make sure you clip the whole hair so the hair is as short as it is. And most importantly don’t forget to maintain the leftover facial hair with an adjustable trimmer.
  • More specifically, cut the hair from your chin or goatee down to make sure it reaches your hair. In addition to this trim your goatee as well.
  • The Balbo beards are normally quite short , so it is very cool.

Famous People with Balbo Beard Style

Several famous people adopted this beard style but the ones who rocked the Balbo Beard look were rocked by Robert Downey Jr. and Mr. Balbo did the same before, in 1940, he died in a cordial fire.

How To Shave Balbo Beard?

So you need to take some proper steps to shave and style the Balbo beard:

  • To achieve this look, firstly you need to select the all-purpose beard styler you can go for Wahl Aqua Blade Trimming Kit for trimming your beard evenly and more specifically that can shave precisely. We suggest you use an All-purpose Gillette styler for such a beard style as it consists of three combs (2mm, 4mm, 6mm) and the perfect edging blade for you to choose from.
  • Since this type of beard has less volume than many others so you don’t need to trim too much . Only enough to even out the length of beard hair. Trimming hair before shaving may lead to tightening and shaving, and preventing blocked blades.
  • Remove the comb attachment of your trimmer and begin to define the Balbo Beard shape. Start in the ears and take hair from the chin in a symmetrical movement . While trimming your beard make sure that you leave a gap of 1/4 an inch between the chin and the mustache as well. This is the basic Balbo beard factor.
  • Make sure to do it in a symmetrical movement but don’t trim it too much that you lose the perfect even look
  • Then wash your face with warm water to hydrate the beard hair as this will help you in shaving conveniently. In addition, cover the rest of your face you want to shave with shaving cream. With the use of good quality shaving gel, it will enable you to prevent irritation and cuts. If you want to buy a good shaving cream then I will recommend you to invest in Bevel Moisturizing Shave Cream .
  • Make sure that you wash the blades of your beard styler frequently as it will help to enable the buildup of hairs and it will also give your razor long time durability. Moreover, it will also help to prevent shaving cream on the edges of a blade!
  • A precision blade is on the back of all Fusion5 razors, so you can define the shape of your beard with smooth, narrow edges.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to wash your face with cool water and the application of hydrating aftershave lotion or balm to prevent post-shave irritation this process will also help to smoothen your skin.

The only difference in this style of beard is that the mustaches are separated from the rest of the facial hair .

Hence, it takes a long time to get the majority of the beard to get plenty of fullness in the mustache and cut it off to the appropriate length.

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How To Maintain Balbo Beard?

As you know everything needs maintenance, the same goes for the beard of any style!

The Balbo Beard is – in several respects – remarkable since it comes with three different parts.

Therefore, more and more people wear it, which does not make it “exceptional,” but people enjoy it when they wear the balbo.

Here are a few tips that will help you in maintaining your beard

  • Make sure that you trim your beard while taking care of them for about 4 weeks
  • The best of all you can do is comb your beard before trimming as it will help you to cut evenly
  • And one of the important aspects to consider is the accurate trimming tool and beard styler as they play an important role in styling, maintaining, and growth of your beard.

There are many ways to protect your beautiful beard but the best way is to clean and comb your beard every day .

To make them smooth and straight, add the hair jelly .

While the edges of your Balbo beard need to be shaved regularly, you can allow the thickness of your Balbo beard to grow out naturally and not cut it as much as you would like to have an anchor beard.

The ultimate manufacturing that the Balbo Beard wants to be put together is hard to admire.

In reality, the Balbo Beard consists of a goatee , a chinstrap , and a Handle mustache .

The Balbo Beard alone will seek unassumed, real masters, engaged in the art of facial hair sculpture.

Until you start, you’ll have to grow in a pretty luscious bar. Keep in mind that Balbo Beard will highlight the nose, making it more appropriate for people with round or square faces.

Anchor beard VS Balbo beard

The style of the Balbo beard focuses on quantity. It takes at least 4 weeks of beard growth to be correctly cut and shaped.

But with just 2 weeks worth of stems, an anchor beard can be achieved.

We recommend using either a safety razor or a shavette , with such types of beards.

Are you still looking for Balbo beard styles to add grace to your look?

Well then here we have presented you with some amazing looks for Balbo beard,

Jawline Balbo

So this style of Balbo beard is easy to have! As all you need to do is retain a bit of facial hair on the cheeks and that it covers the jaw.

This style will help to define your jawline and let’s just admit it to those who do not love a sharp jaw!

The best part of a Balbo beard is that you can style it in many ways. No matter how you feel about your look or face shape, you have a Balbo.

Mustache Matches The Beard

This Balbo style is also easy to have! Your mustaches need to be distinct from your facial hair.

Surely you can wear them all at the same length. This creates a simple, smooth style that needs relatively little maintenance per day.

Neat And Clean Balbo

So this style of Balbo is also called cleanly shaven . You may not be clean, but you need a look that is neat and clean.

Trim all the facial hair very shortly and keep the mustache distinct again instead of allowing it to blend.

You’re going to have a balbo that gives you a smooth feel.

Long And Fully Shaped Moustache Balbo

This type of Balbo beard style has emphasized mustaches separating them from the rest of the face and calling it a Balbo!

A purposely formed wax-wearing mustache is especially awesome in combination with a whole mid-length beard .. This look reads like a vague hipster, not too far.

Office Friendly Balbo

Are you looking for a perfect professional look for your beard? then you must go for this one!

Wear the mustache and your beard carefully trimmed, but ensure that the mustache is separated from the rest of your beard.

This gives you a style of beard, which is Balbo but still works at once.

Waxed Moustache Balbo

If you wear a rounded mustache with your Balbo beard, stroll a wax break.

Moreover, you can turn your mustaches into a stunning style handlebar, by giving it this type of Balbo beard style which will make your beard look at a new level

Even if this does not look too formal, simply leave the wax in the office for weekdays and spend the nights in the town.

It is a way to make your face more flexible without shaving or fixing it.

Shaped Moustache Balbo

By mixing it with a more rounded moustache and trimming the cheek section, you can push your Balbo beard to the next level.

It distinguishes the Balbo from a full mustache and a beard.

Also, you should not hesitate to let this look grow long and full. Here we see a thick beard, which brings to the classic style a sense of whims.

Classic Balbo

We see a classic Balbo take here.

Even if the cheek region was less hairy, the classic Balbo is distinguished by the hair on the chin, by the soul patch under his lower lip, and by a moustache that is visually distinctive from the rest of his facial hair

This Balbo works for many face forms and styles and is fairly low maintenance.

It is sexy , masculine and not too sophisticated .

Mid Length Balbo

Many people look better at a longer beard style in a medium-length . Do not worry that your beard is growing in a full mid-long style, particularly the region on your chin.

It could work for longer. When you visually detach the mustache, you will always have a beautiful balbo style.

It is not complicated to grow and shape a Balbo Beard style. Let the facial hair grow of you and particularly your moustaches too.

All the different balbo styles that we have discussed can be easily done with a beard trimmer at Home, but the first time a professional can trim and form and keep it on his own.

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Having said that the guide for the Balbo beard came to an end.

We hope that we were able to educate you on all the important aspects of it and now you can easily style your beard the way you want to.

Whether it’s a long beard, a total beard, a thin beard, and a mustache, you’ve got a Balbo.

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